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Part of our commitment to sensible and sustainable manufacturing.

Because we recognise that our customers have a personal choice regarding the material that is used in our footwear. Also our Vegan friendly collection is designed to meet the requirements of Underground customers that have a preference for products that do not contain animal products. 

Also we have selected a special non-animal material, Onmicro, that has the appearance and attributes of leather and will perform in the same way as leather. The collection includes many of our core styles, but it is also possible to order custom made products using Onmicro.

Our commitment to sensible manufacture is supported by our custom made service for Underground Creepers Shoes Boots. Authentic, British Subculture inspired footwear.

Our custom-made service also allows customers to select any of our original designs. Using the long-term relationship with our manufacturers to build up trust and a cooperative spirit this enables us to offer customers the option to select special colours or materials to produce one pair that is custom made for them. Also there is no mass over- production and waste. 

In our pursuit to proudly propagate Britain’s rebellious style heritage, we’ve turned up the dial on our responsibility. Because for 40 years we’ve tapped into the riches and sounds of British subculture; it’s our responsibility to give back in order to sustain it. 

The Made-in-the-UK collection champions this country’s quality craftspeople and their long legacy of proven manufacturing. Made-in-the-UK sees us work with skilled experts and leaders of their field and also to help them preserve generations of innovative artistry and ingenuity.  

Underground Creepers Shoes Boots. Authentic, British Subculture inspired footwear apparel, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps.



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The Story of Subculture: The Rude Boy (& Rude Girl)

Kicking off our ‘Story of Subculture’ series, we examine the Rude Boy; a cult figure in ska & skinhead lyrics as well as style, the story of the Rude Boy begins with the ghetto gangs of post-independence Jamaica. Emulating Hollywood outlaws, the Rude Boy donned sharp suits and sharp knives, forming Jamaica’s first youth culture movement. From sound system emigration to skinheads and 2-Tone, follow the story of the Rude Boy (and Girl) to their contemporary incarnations on our full blog post.

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OF SKINHEADS AND SKIN: The Artwork of Rene Matić

Rene Matić’s first solo show may have recently closed at Bermondsey’s Vitrine Gallery, but the Peterborough-born artist has made their ephemeral exhibition permanent; its title ‘Born British, Die British’ is indelibly etched on Matić’s skin, reclaiming a phrase to fit their own experience of the Black British diaspora.

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The lilting, spoken songs of poet-performer Sinead O’Brien are meditative in both senses of the word. Simultaneously hypnotic and pensive, to listen to O’Brien’s musical offerings is to be immersed in her malleable vocabulary of Irish inflections and swelling instrumentation (courtesy of Julian Hanson and Oscar Robertson.) With a work ethic centred around fluctuation and possibility, it’s no surprise that Sinead’s current favourite word is “liminal”, nor that her new music will be a “significant progression” from the 2020 EP Drowning in Blessings.