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Resistance - Underground England blog

RESISTANCE Ashamedly, Humanity’s history is perpetually littered with tales of tyrannical, maniacal narcissists scaling to power. Whether we are talking BC or AD; north or south; sovereignty, military or politically- the apparently perpetual trend of ego-obsessed, bloodthirsty and just plain reckless despots who snake to power is both embarrassing and horrifying. Though, with every despicable… Read more »

RESISTANCE – The Suffragettes

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Resistance - The Suffragettes - Underground England blog

DEEDS NOT WORDS As part of our current Resistance campaign, which will run until mid-September, Underground looks at history’s most inspirational displays of riots, rebellion and Resistance. Continue to read the series throughout the month.   Deeds not Words. This was the motto of the 20th century suffragette movement that fought for women’s right to… Read more »

‘Mr Manchester’ – The brilliant TONY WILSON

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Tony Wilson - Factory Records - Underground blog

‘MR MANCHESTER’- THE BRILLIANT TONY WILSON The sheer number of notes, articles and obituaries warmly laying gratitude for a number of Manchester’s greatest achievements to Tony Wilson is seemingly endless. Though the argument is often battled- ‘Would Joy Division exist without Tony Wilson?’ Well, yes, it is reasonably difficult to imagine the city we know… Read more »