STRANGE BONES: A powerhouse of ferocious vigour, Strange Bones discuss their debut album

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Strange Bones band was brought up on a parental influence of punk, the Bentham brothers have kept musical vitriol in the family in the form of Strange Bones. Sounding as if hardcore punk was pummelled through a warped lens of distorted vocals and acid drum and bass, Strange Bones band converge The Cramps and The… Read more »

OF SKINHEADS AND SKIN: The Artwork of Rene Matić

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Rene Matic Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Rene Matić’s first solo show may have recently closed at Bermondsey’s Vitrine Gallery, but the Peterborough-born artist has made their ephemeral exhibition permanent; its title ‘Born British, Die British’ is indelibly etched on Matić’s skin, reclaiming a phrase to fit their own experience of the Black British diaspora. Investigating Skinhead culture as a means to… Read more »