The droll satire of BLANKETMAN’s “National Trust” E.P.

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“I don’t like the taste of water in the city, I don’t like what it leaves in my mouth” declares singer Adam Hopper on Blanketman’s ‘Leave the South’, their last single released before they unveil their debut EP National Trust on the 19th of March. Though a personal rather than political preference (and an inclination… Read more »

Jubilant band posters and flexible fonts: the graphic design of RAISSA PARDINI

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Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Under the guise of Raissa Pardini, graphic design becomes a joyous optical illusion of repetitive typography. Harnessing her own experiences as a musician (Raissa was the bassist in Yassasin), Pardini is adept at transmuting the spirit of a song into the visual realm, making her a firm favourite amongst bands such as Squid, The Orielles,… Read more »