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Bedroom pop sweetheart Alien Tango walks us through his creative process prior to the release of his new EP ‘Friends!’

Alien Tango

Packed full of raw passion and talent, the whimsical bedroom pop sweetheart Alberto Garcia (AKA Alien Tango) is one to watch out for in 2020. Raised in Murica, Spain and currently based in London, Alien Tango brings you some of the grooviest and tantalising DIY tunes – check out ‘Sexy Time’ where he was singing proudly and unashamedly, “Yeeeeeeeah, now I can feel it. Today is the day. I’m gonna have sex” – classic.

Influenced by the likes of Foxygen, MGMT, Hinds, Alien Tango is just about one of the wildest and most mischievous oddballs in the DIY music scene. Despite being recorded in the most disgusting bedrooms and kitchens possible (his words, not ours), Alien Tango’s music always manages to take you through a dazzling scope of sounds as if you were in outer space.

His latest single ’Heavenly’ is pure bliss. “’Heavenly’ is a conversation between my conscience and my sub conscience, alone on a Friday night, and thousands of miles away from home. It’s the most spacy, dreamy song I have done so far – though at times it sounds like music you would hear on a TV game show late at night. Welcome to Alien Tango’s Inner Karaoke,” explained Alberto. Prior to his upcoming EP release, Alberto shared with us the funny antidote behind his music and his musical preference.

Alien Tango 1

What was the starting point for you as Alien Tango?

When I realized I could make any music possible with simply a computer.

What is your own vision of your new EP ‘Friends!’?

‘Friends!’ is the most electronic I’ve done. It is done with lots of synths and drum machines and very inspired by my own solo karaoke sets.

What inspires you to write the super fun single ‘Sexy Time’?

I had made a song called ‘Dancing in the Void’ which I thought was the most uplifting thing ever. But then I discovered Of Montreal, which made ‘Dancing in the Void’ sound like a funeral march. So I challenged myself to make an unbeatably uplifting song, and that’s how ‘Sexy Time’ was born.

What do you think about the DIY music scene in London?

It’s super cool! There are so many inspiring bands playing in regular pubs. It’s making me grow a lot.

What kind of atmosphere do you seek to create while performing live?

I love showmanship! So I try to make it as energetic, surprising (at times confusing) and fun as it could be.

Who and what would you like to bring to space if you can live there on your own?

My studio and my girl – assuming that I had one (laughs).

What would be your wildest dream?

This might sound too wild but… I don’t know, be able to eat gluten again? I have celiac.

Tame Impala vs The Flaming Lips?

You can’t ask me to choose between mom and dad.

Shoegaze vs bedroom pop?

Bedroom pop! I find it very romantic. Shoegaze is cool but a bit overrated in my opinion.

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