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Style: Indie Punk

Perfect For: Noughties lovers

Where From: Norwich-based

Started Performing: The Christmas lull of 2018


These two Norwich indie punks make a massive racket on a DIY basis – one sings, while the other plays guitar and drums at the same time. The results? One-of-a-kind indie that harks back to the noughties and ought to please fans of White Stripes, YYYs and Paramore. Since forming in 2018, Collars have supported Deadletter, Long Blondes and Boo Radleys, won BurySOUND and an NMG Award, and been played on 6Music by Steve Lamacq, as well as on a bunch of BBC Introducing shows. They released their debut album Clyde in autumn 2022.


Collars Dan Kane Norwich Deadletter, Long Blondes and Boo Radleys


What influences your musical style?

Dan: Anything that makes you wanna sing – vocal melody is king!

Kane: Good song is a good song, but the Collars sound is reminiscent of bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Paramore & The Strokes

Which bands and artists have inspired you.

Dan: Damon Albarn, Jack White, Hayley Williams, Alex Turner – all the best wordsmiths who know how to bang out a hook.

Kane: Where to start, Zeppelin, Chilli Peppers, Hendrix, Beastie Boys, KRS-One, Beyonce, Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Gorillaz…how long we got?

Share with us an interesting anecdote behind any of your songs

Dan: ‘No Desires’ is about Steve Buscemi’s character in Boardwalk Empire.




We are anti bullying – What’s your advice for victims of bullying ?

 Kane: Most bullies are really cowards who are compensating for their own insecurities. Don’t let them convince you you’re not worthy of happiness, keep your head up and get help if you need it.

If you are to be described as an animal, what would it be?

Dan: T-Rex! At least I dance like one.

Kane: Orangutan, I’m a little bit weird but huggable.

Your favourite music venue in the UK:

Dan: Hands down The Adelphi in Hull.

Kane: Arts Centre Norwich

We are proudly Subculture inspired. How about you ?

Dan: The subculture is the only culture worth subscribing to.

Kane: The subculture is always where you find the pioneers and the next generation of groundbreakers, great to see so many pockets of artistry out there doing their own thing.


Collars Live Dan Kane Indie 6Music by Steve Lamacq



You are sent to Mars, no check in baggage and you can take one record- which one ?

Dan: Can I have a best-of?

Kane: Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

A guilty pleasure number?

 Dan: Wham Rap!

Kane: Anything Blink-182.

The first music your bought

Dan: I can’t properly remember, but I have a horrible feeling it may have been Aqua. I’ll let myself out…

Kane: The first record I bought was, and still is one of the most influential records for me, it was ‘Gotta Get Away’ single by Offspring on CD.

The first live gig you attended.

Dan: Stereophonics & Feeder. Though it was very nearly Blue…

Kane: Iron Maiden at Brixton Academy

Is there a song you wish you had written?

Kane: Bohemian Rhapsody

Photo credit goes to Mark Howe

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