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PERFECT FOR: Spiritual earthlings that savour outer space Rock ‘n’ Roll 

Death Valley Girls Bonnie Bloomgarden 2
Bonnie Bloomgarden wears our Peck Winklepicker Boots with Skull Buckles

WHO: Bonnie Bloomgarden, Larry Schemel, Laura Kelsey, Nicole Smith and Rikki Watson

WHERE FROM: Los Angeles, USA


Photo credit: Dave Fearn


LA goth rockers Death Valley Girls are all about crafting ear-splitting and head-kicking Rock ‘n’ Roll anthems. While their 2016’s Glow in the Dark and 2018’s Darkness Rains were a rowdy mash-up of early American punk and sun-baked psych rock, their latest 2020 album Under the Spell of Joy saw the band dive deeper into their magical cosmic energy.

With a spiritual record fresh off the press – what frontwoman Bloomgarden describes as a “space gospel” – the band hopes to bring everyone together and create the kind of participatory musical experience people have in places of worship.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll to us is an art form that has many different mutations and styles. We just follow our instincts on which direction we like to go in when it comes to writing music.  We sort of work in a circle, evolving and devolving at the same time.” The glamorous five-piece has always sought to wield that magic like ancient mystics, kicking off an earth-shattering occult pandemonium live show like no other – they are perfect for those who find comfort in noise and mayhem.

Death Valley Girls Bonnie Bloomgarden 8


We have witnessed first-hand that your show is extremely physical and chaotic. As the performer, what do you feel on stage?
That feeling of playing live is such a release. The audience is a big part of that energy.  Our aim is to let people have a fun and wild time and get lost in the music for the night. The transference of the energy between band and audience is magic, it’s our therapy!

Use three words to describe your latest album Under the Spell of Joy.
Deep Space Gospel

Can you explain why spirituality is so important to you guys and your music?
Yeah, we are all connected, and we are all being guided! No one is alone and no one should ever feel like they are.

What’s the fondest memory you have when crafting this record?
It was mostly improvised so it all felt really magical! All these different parts and instrumentation come together as if the songs always existed was amazing! But, working with the kids’ chorus was a definite highlight.

You’re into gothic and punk rock fashion. How do you describe your aesthetic?
Edwardian-misfit-space-cult from hell!

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