Dream Nails


Witch Punk perfect for the all-inclusive queer community and feminists.


Dynamic, unapologetic and joyfully bizarre, London’s Dream Nails (Janey Starling, Anya Pearson, Lucy Katz and Mimi Jasson) are our most beloved DIY local punk witches. It all started when vocalist Janey Starling encountered guitarist Anya Pearson through feminist activism in 2015. Within one year of performing, the band already set foot on stage at Glastonbury’s first women-only stage Sisterhood.

With queerness and feminism being one of the dearest things to/about them, Dream Nails aren’t afraid to be political – they would go above and beyond to get the message across. 

From singing about the U.S. election to ridiculing men who call themselves feminist allies (but never follow through with their action), Dream Nails deliver the kind of dialogue that we need in the 21st century, packed with playfulness and humour.

Now signed to Alcopop! Records and getting ready for their debut album, Dream Nails are definitely a force to be reckoned with.


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Photo: Laura Palmer
Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories
Photo: Ant Adams

Pick up a green and white ‘vortex’ vinyl copy of Dream Nail’s awesome debut album HERE