Glam Punk Pop.


Angsty teenagers.


James Carne (guitars), Dean Carne (vocals) & Hattie Steel (drums).


Liverpool and Durham.


2022 as this lineup.

Generation band Underground England


Two brothers, who had nothing better to do with their lives, kidnapped an innocent angel from Newcastle and started a band. It turned out she was just as crazy. 



Describe your band in one sentence?

Dean: Your new favourite band.

James: Raw, passionate, we live or die on stage.

Hattie: Glamorous with a hint of radgie.


What are your influences?

Dean: Literally everything! I love all types of music for different reasons, I can’t even think of someone who genuinely influences me right now, but I think that it’s because I’m just so focused on us at the minute lol. 

James: I really love Joji at the minute, I’ve also been listening to one of my favourite records “Bollywood Blood Bath”. I haven’t listened to it for a while but I’ve recently re-discovered it. That has influenced me a little lately. 

Hattie: I love heavy riffs, anything that makes me feel a bit radgie. If it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck… I’m in.


Share with us an interesting anecdote about one of your songs.

My song ‘Lavender’ isn’t actually about anyone in particular… I just really like lavender!!


If you were to be described as an animal, which would you be?

Dean: Afghan hound

James: Turtle 

Hattie: Red panda


What is your favourite music venue in the UK?

Dean: O2, Liverpool

James: Zanzibar

Hattie: Little Buildings, Newcastle


You are sent to Mars, no check in baggage and you can take one record – which one?

Dean: The 1975 – The 1975. I have so many good memories of this album.

James: Bollywood Bloodbath.

Hattie: Royal Blood – Royal Blood. What a debut. 


We are proudly Subculture inspired. How about you?

YES we totally are, that’s what we have always loved about Underground. Big love.

Generation band Underground England
Generation band Underground England
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