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Illegal. We like our art to feel almost criminal, like at times it may even feel dangerous to listen to.


The people that need it. For the culturally disenfranchised. For the people whose fix just can’t be satisfied with a homogenised mainstream sound or look. You won’t find this elsewhere, like a flavour you’ve been searching for and we’re the only suppliers.


We are Multi-Instrumentalist/Multi-Faceted Detroit Law, Synth player Synthesis Hayley Drummond and Bass Addict Vili Petković.


Glasgow and the Balkans (Should be the name of the band! Haha)


We formed in May ’22 and played our first show together in September at The Hug & Pint in Glasgow once we’d decided on our outfits.


Nova Deus Underground Band


Nova Deus was born in Glasgow post a universal crisis, in a deeply dystopian time. This allowed the trio to be quite frivolous and free when it came to the creative process: pulling their influences from Sci-Fi film scores, looking to soundtrack their post-apocalyptic boredom, and recording with a nothingleft-to-lose type attitude that has heavily flavoured the group’s music and aesthetic.

Screaming Meaning being their mantra and title for forthcoming E.P is the perfect display of their playful, destructive chaotic energy oozing from live performances and generally if you meet them in “real” life.

Describe your band in one sentence:

Detroit – Deeply Dystopian, Disturbing, Dangerous, Diabolical… Different?

Hayley – Music to crash your car or make mustard gas to!

Vili – Noided.

Who influenced your musical style ?

We’ve been heavily influenced by Sci-Fi and Horror Film Scores that are high octane with analogue synths. The Mandy soundtrack by Johan Johansson comes to mind first or anything by David Cronenberg’s long-time collaborator Howard Shore. We’ve even had fans come up after shows and compare us to John Carpenter. Musically you’ll hear bits of Björk, Sophie, Depeche Mode, Death Grips, The Streets and Massive Attack too.

Share with us an interesting anecdote behind any of your songs.

Detroit – Our New single “No Imagination” was initially written about my “writers block”. I was struggling to find the thread to write about so much that I was insulting myself by saying I had No Imagination which eventually became the hook and title. Hayley later came around to lay down the synth parts, had a panic attack keeping up with the intensity and tempo of the song and we managed to channel it into her string stabs you hear throughout the track.

If all of you are to be described as an animal, what would they be?

Vili first. A Donkey.

Hayley – When I had black hair, I once got told I look like the spider from James and the Giant Peach. That’s a slay x”

Detroit – An Urban Fox as that’s how I typically describe myself anyway. Together we’d be a DonkeyFoxSpiderFringe

Your favourite music venue in the UK:

The legendary Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, and it’s cork floors. – is number one of course but we also need to shout out the pies at Brudenell social club and the curtains at Omeara, London.

You are sent to Mars, no check in baggage and you can take one record-which one ?

Hayley – It’s gotta be Kid A by Radiohead for me!

Vili – To pimp a butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

Detroit – Genuinely “The Marshal Mathers L.P” – Has been my most listened album since childhood. It’s my comfort food. Actually can I change my answer to MM..Food? Or Purple Rain… It’s tough!!!

We are proudly Subculture inspired. How about you ?

The fashion and attitude of subculture is why I am making music. I had lost my identity throughout my 20’s and wrecked myself with drink and drugs. My self-esteem was on the floor. By experimenting with subculture fashion, I was able to feel like an artist, to express myself, and build the confidence to not give a fuck what anyone thought about me. You need that mentality to put your art into the world. 

Multi-Instrumentalist/Multi-Faceted Detroit Law, Synth player Synthesis Hayley Drummond and Bass Addict Vili Petković.
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