Nova Twins


Urban Punk and Rapcore perfect for high energy savages who can’t stop their train of thought.


Savages from London: Unapologetic urban punk duo Nova Twins (Amy Love and Georgia South) are queens of dizzying distortion that fuels an atomic-size attack on the senses. A weighty fusion of grime and punk, watching them perform or listening to their tunes will certainly light a fire under your arse.

Their self-titled debut EP is a dirty concoction of venomous lyrics, bold basses and scratchy vocals that prove Amy and Georgia a force to be reckoned with. A flurry of animal print, pattern and colour – the two galvanise any room they walk into.

We met Nova Twins a few years ago when they released their single ‘Bassline Bitch’, and we still can’t get enough of them. It’s been great seeing the pair getting the space they have created and earned for themselves – their high-octane 2019 releases ‘Vortex’ and ‘Devil’s Face’ are as raw and provoking as they could be! We are certain that Nova Twins are on a tremendous climb to recognition as one of the defining sounds of our time.

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Q & A.


Georgia: I was born in a musical family and have started playing instruments at a young age, so it was just always something that I loved to do.

Amy: I’m not sure. It was just something that was naturally in me. My aunt Bev always encouraged me to follow my dreams so that gave me a push in the right direction.


Amy: Loads of bands and artists had a part to play in who I am today. But I guess Georgia’s crazy bass playing is what I’m inspired by and love writing to!

Georgia: I would have to say the same! Writing a bassline with Amy’s vocals in mind is always fun. Our styles complement each other so well.


Georgia: Our moods, what we’ve been feeling or what we’ve been up to dictates the type of song we write! If we’re in an energetic mood we’ll write a faster paced song, if I’m chilled out, I’ll write a slinkier baseline.

Amy: Just our connection and vibing off each other really. It starts from the music and plays out until we are happy with it.

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