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PERFECT FOR: Glam rockers that are uncompromising and love bending the rules

pussycat and the dirty johnsons
Puss Johnson wears Vegan Friendly Original Steel Cap Commando Boot (Photo Credit: Oliver Harrison)

WHO: Puss Johnson, Dirty Jake and Filfy Antz

WHERE FROM: Basingstoke, Southern England


pussycat and the dirty johnsons
Photo Credit: Oliver Harrison


Pounding out their dirty Rock ‘N’ Roll, the frisky Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons never fail to deliver an adrenaline-fueled live performance. Driven by gnarly surf-rock guitar riffs with a punk snarl, they are professionals at instigating a sweaty mosh pit at any live music venue.

As described by guitarist Dirty Jake, “Energy, honesty, passion and a few great songs contribute to a good live performance.” The band has also supported Jon Spencer, Thee Oh Sees, The Fuzztones, The Polecats, The Rezillos, Bow Wow Wow, Mad Sin, The Damned and many more huge names in the scene.

In July 2020, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons released their fourth album BEAST through Howd Gawd! Records which is a follow-up to their previous albums Exercise Your Demons, Dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll and Ain’t No Pussy. As usual, the tracks challenge social inequality and raise a middle finger to normality. From their outrageously intense performance to frontwoman Puss Johnson’s cheeky feline persona, the trio always finds a way to conjure up the best of punk spirit at their live shows.

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons3
Photo Credit: Ken Dewar


Describe Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons in one sentence.

Dirty Jake: Dirty, sweat soaked Rock ‘N’ Roll!
Puss: My favourite description of us in a review was ‘A sonic neck punch!’

Share with us a funny anecdote behind any of your songs.

Puss: Not sure if it’s really a funny story but ‘Get Outta My Face’ is a song I wrote about a stalker I had. But the song keeps getting used on teen angsty shows, which I find kind of weird. It’s strange how people interpret your songs.

If all of you are to be described as an animal, what would they be?

Dirty Jake: That’s the most ridiculous question to ask Puss! For myself, a bear.
FiLFy Antz: Irish Water Spaniel, easy to train, calm nature and sleeps a lot.
Puss: … and has similar hair!

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puss underground2
Photo Credit: Oliver Harrison