Rock so vulnerable it will make things awkward 

PERFECT FOR: Those who have experienced trauma, and feel hopeless. 


STARTED PERFORMING: I’ve done music for many years, but it wasn’t until I got sober in 2018 that I was able to give music the attention it needed .


London hailing RØRY, alternative pop musician


I got sober in 2018, and then a load of therapy in 2020 when I realised being sober was HARD. I processed a lot of trauma, from the death of my mother at 22, to the dysfunctional dynamics and addictions in my family. Then I started writing songs… 

Things happened quickly. I got 3 UK top 10 hits for other people, and wrote with some of my favourite artists… like All American Rejects, You Me at Six, and NOAHFINNCE. Then I decided I wanted to tell my own story. Here we are. 

Who influenced your musical style ?

Jimmy Eat World. Something Corporate. Avril Lavigne. 1975.

Share with us an interesting anecdote behind any of your songs.

I wrote a song in 2021 called “Good Die Young” – it’s about my struggle with alcoholism. I posted a sample on social media, and my producer was worried someone would steal the lyrics. So, the next day I went to Emily Malice’s tattoo shop and got the lyrics tattooed on me. I don’t know if that stands up in court to be fair… 

We are proudly Subculture inspired. How about you ?

The fashion and attitude of subculture is why I am making music. I had lost my identity throughout my 20’s and wrecked myself with drink and drugs. My self-esteem was on the floor. By experimenting with subculture fashion, I was able to feel like an artist, to express myself, and build the confidence to not give a fuck what anyone thought about me. You need that mentality to put your art into the world. 

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