From the Underground Book Collection: Ripped & Torn, the Loudest Punk Fanzine in the UK by Tony Drayton

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“Ripped & Torn was the supercool paper that always got it right” – Jayne County Tearing up the rule book and capitalising on the ethos of D.I.Y, the presentation of Ripped & Torn is the quintessential nod to the thriving late 70’s punk scene. It contains a collection of all eighteen issues of the original… Read more »

Ten Songs with Social Messages: These Emerging Bands Are Making a Statement

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songs with social messages

Ten Songs with Social Message to Listen (Lucia & The Best Boys, Photo Credit: Cameron Brisbane) Throughout the ages, musicians have taken it upon themselves to discuss the wider issues surrounding them. From the politically-charged ‘God Save The Queen’ by the Sex Pistols, to Micheal Jackson’s soulful plea for nature in ‘Earth Song’, and his… Read more »

Feminist Punk Icons that Set the Stage for Female Empowerment in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world

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Patti Smith Judy Linn feminist punk icons

Feminist Punk Icons: Patti Smith (Photo Credit: Judy Linn) Hallmarked by a combination of punk rock and a desire to do things by their own admission, these feminist punk icons have changed the game. From the original trailblazer Patti Smith to up-and-coming noisemakers The Red Stains, their legacy remains the same – an intention to… Read more »

Bands from Glasgow: Pop rock darlings and post punks that need to be on your radar

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Lucia & the Best Boys bands from Glasgow

Glasgow, the cultural hub of Scotland, the city where largely recognised bands such as Primal Scream and Simple Minds originated. From the theatrical-pop aesthetic of Walt Disco to Chvrches’ ingenious mix of synth-pop and indie, the Scottish city is home to a wide range of talent. Check out these bands from Glasgow  Lucia & The… Read more »

Female Bands from Brighton that Fly the Flag for Women in Music

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Dream Wife Female bands from Brighton

Female bands from Brighton: Dream Wife (Photo Credit: Sarah Piantadosi) Underground has always been an advocate for women in music. Having already recommended some of our favourite female bands from Manchester, we’re heading to the south coast to explore the female bands from Brighton. From dream-pop darlings Fickle Friends to raucous punk band Pussyliqour, the… Read more »