Top 8 GOTH VENUES: The U.K.’s past and present most iconic goth clubs and venues

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Photo of revellers at The Banshee

Home to the original gothic novelists Horace Walpole, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker and later gothic rock spawning from punk in the late 1970s (for more info about goth check out our article on the story of the subculture here) the UK inevitably gave rise to a number of iconic Gothcentric venues . Here are… Read more »

Post-Punk quartet LEGSS are back with a nihilistic new video for ‘Doomswayers’

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Legss band photo

South London-based Legss are back with a new video for the title track off their second EP Doomswayers. Legss have established their unique edge with their ability to seamlessly blend dark post-punk and art-rock together with spoken-word. Filmed by Rory Edmonds and Mollie Gallagher, directed by Luke Kulukundis and Legss (who also edited the video… Read more »

The Top 10 most influential Goth bands of all-time? – A suggestion

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Underground shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Goth, gothic rock, post-punk and new wave are often used interchangeably, yet with with its gloomy themes and dedicated subculture, goth has and continues to be unique. Providing inspiration for musicians, creatives and fashion designers ever since its emergence in the early 1980s, goth’s influence on subculture is profound. Here we take a whistle-stop tour… Read more »


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Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Indie rock royalty Sonic Youth have been the subject of DIY music culture for decades. In Stevie Chick’s captivating insight, utilising interviews with the band and the people closest to them, he recalls the creation of the band and its resilience throughout decades against mainstream culture. Former Melody Maker journalist and founder of Loose Lips… Read more »

Ace of Spades Covers: One of Rock’s Greatest Anthems and its Many Makeovers

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motorhead aces of spades covers

Ace of Spades Songwriter and Motorhead Frontman Lemmy in 1979 (Photo Credit: Chris Walker) A distinctively fierce Rock ‘N’ Roll anthem and Motörhead’s signature song, there is an array of ‘Ace of Spades’ covers by generations of musicians hoping to re-capture Lemmy Kilmister’s ferocious energy. The song was released back in 1980, later becoming the… Read more »