The Making of a Masterpiece: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars

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ziggy stardust

Ziggy Stardust (Photo Credit: Gijsbert Hanekroot) Singer, songwriter and actor, David Bowie was no doubt one of the most influential musicians of the 20th and early 21st century. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars were most likely his most enduring and memorable works. It was the glamorous rock, theatrics… Read more »

11 of the Most Exciting Up-and-coming Bands from Liverpool

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Bands from Liverpool: Monks (Photo Credit: Dylan Mead) Liverpool venues like the Cavern Club and Eric’s became central to Liverpool’s music hub in the 1980s, following Beatles-mania. Today, the city has a vibrant psych-rock scene, homing the annual Liverpool Psych Fest as well as plenty of upcoming talent which is shown at Liverpool Sound City… Read more »

Manchester’s Indie Heartland: A Whistle-stop Tour of the Northern Quarter and Why We Must Supports Its Venues

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The Northern Quarter (Photo Credit: Jose Francisco Del Valle Mojica) With its bustling cafes and bars, hipster music venues and iconic red brick buildings, Manchester’s Northern Quarter remains today a hotspot for creativity in the city. Noted for being the ‘cool’ part of the city centre, the area is abundant with music venues which have… Read more »

From the Underground Book Collection: Revenge of the She-punks by Vivien Goldman

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revenge of the she-punks

Vivien Goldman, author of Revenge of the She-Punks in 1981 (Photo Credit: Jean Bernard Sohiez) Vivien Goldman’s essential punk herstory ‘Revenge of the She-Punks’ explores the crucial relationship between the genre and gender. A veteran of punk, new wave and reggae since the 1970s, Vivien Goldman is a renowned writer, musician and academic. Goldman was… Read more »

Fast-paced Soul with a Beat to Dance the Night away: A Brief History of Northern Soul

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northern soul

Deptford Northern Soul Club in London “The Music was Motown. The Passion is British.’ – Elaine Constantine’s Northern Soul Film, 2014 Origins of Northern soul date back to the late 1960s’ underground rhythm and soul scene. Thousands of teenagers in the North of England danced to the same syncopated beat, revolting against the charts. The… Read more »

Sounds of Sheffield: Check out These Up-and-coming Bands from Sheffield

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Bands from Sheffield: Feral Family (Photo Credit: Manc Wanderer) Gone are the days of Sheffield’s music scene being a saturation of Arctic Monkeys-wannabes. The indie scene continues to strive along with heavier punk and post-punk with exciting independent labels and venues carrying artists through. Here are some of our favourite Sheffield bands we would like… Read more »

8 Ferocious British Post-Punk Bands to Look out for

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Squid post punk bands

British Post-punk Bands: Squid (Photo Credit: Benedicte Dacquin) The British post-punk scene has come a long way since their establishment in the 1970’s with often minimalist and sometimes avant-garde experimentation with classic rock and punk. The diverse and wide genre remains true to its DIY ethic with current bands exploring various styles, as the genre… Read more »