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Bands from Glasgow: Pop rock darlings and post punks that need to be on your radar

Lucia & the Best Boys bands from Glasgow

Glasgow, the cultural hub of Scotland, the city where largely recognised bands such as Primal Scream and Simple Minds originated. From the theatrical-pop aesthetic of Walt Disco to Chvrches’ ingenious mix of synth-pop and indie, the Scottish city is home to a wide range of talent.

Check out these bands from Glasgow 

Lucia & The Best Boys

Led by frontwoman Lucia Fairfull, Lucia & The Best Boys (formerly LUCIA) are taking the revival of goth-pop in their stride. Their Best Boy EP (2017) was a welcome torrent of crashing energy and thumping drums, while the recent additions to their discography are beautifully sombre. Latest release ‘Let It Go’ boasts a more stripped-back approach, leaving Fairfull’s airy vocals to take centre stage.

Written to empower young women, the feminist anthem ‘Good Girls Do Bad Things’ was executed with biting lyrics accompanied by perfectly timed snare hits. Within a similar vein, ‘Blue Heart’ expands on its melodramatic sound. It maturely discusses heartbreak and lies, prompts others to take a closer look at their self-worth and offers an outlet for others to share their grief.

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Vukovi (Samantha Guess)
Vukovi (Photo Credit: Samantha Guess)


Self-described as “a mysterious adventure through space and time”, the pop-rock duo is making an established name for themselves. Having gone through a few line-up changes, Vukovi currently comprises of vocalist Janine Shilstone and guitarist Hamish Reilly. Hailing from Kilwinning, south of Glasgow, Vukovi have supported a range of trailblazers in music, from Pvris to One OK Rock.

With their hearts on their sleeves, Vukovi are all about staying true to themselves, an ethos that is prominent in their self-titled album and its track ‘Weirdo’. Their latest album Fall Better is a half-concept album, surrounding the theme of dystopia. It’s described by Shilstone as meaning to “cope with struggling better” given that OCD is a topic which Shilstone is openly vocal about. The track ‘Violent Minds’ was created when Shilstone’s OCD was at its worst. There is a lot to be said for a band led by their honesty, and we’re sure that it’ll pay dividends for the duo.

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Walt Disco (Sinead Ferguson)
Walt Disco (Photo Credit: Sinead Ferguson)

Walt Disco

Successfully combining various subculture genres such as Punk, New-romantic, Queer and Goth, Walt Disco certainly deserve a mention from us. Skilled at reinventing 80’s post-punk influences (The Blue Niles, Simple Minds and The Associates) with their theatrical approach, their presence in the post punk scene is extremely refreshing. From their androgynous style to their constant questioning of the gender divide, the six-piece are committed to creating a social commentary with an overlay of sparkling melodies. In ‘My Pop Sensibilities’, the band butchers the concept of the “Disney princess fantasy”, while their latest release ‘Cut Your Hair’ is an anthem that ridicules toxic masculinity. The track was released with an equally dramatic music video, proving that the world really is the stage for this band.

Watch our interview with Walt Disco here and follow them on Facebook here


Originally created as a duo, guitarist Stina Tweeddale has now taken the full artistic license of this project as a solo artist – beginning with the album In Plain Sight released in 2019. Her self-titled album and sophomore album Babes Never Die were early signifiers of the sound she desired to head in. This genre-defying project mixes lo-fi music, indie rock and punk rock, to create a sound uniquely Tweeddale’s. Opening with ‘She’s a Nightmare’, In Plain Sight is a spooky culmination of Tweeddale’s night terrors. Not only does she combine scary visuals in her videos to match, her haunting vocals also elevate the depth of her ethereal tracks.

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chvrches bands from glasgow


Stylised with a ‘v’ instead of an ‘u’ (as “they were ‘tired’ of competing with Jesus on internet searches”), the Scottish indie rockers are one of the finest bands from Glasgow. And if you have seen them live, you’d be impressed by frontwoman Lauren Mayberry’s high-octane performance. Their influences range from music icons Prince and Kate Bush to the obscure Scandinavian electronic duo The Knife. Known for their expert blend of synths and catchy hooks, Chvrches exploded onto the scene in 2013 with their standout debut album The Bones of What You Believe. 2018’s Love Is Dead saw the band focus on producing a cleaner sound and keeping Mayberry’s shining vocals central.

Being very outspoken on topics such as misogyny in the music industry, Mayberry doesn’t shy away from discussing toxic relationships and those working with convicted abusers and predators in music. The music is as authentic as the band members and it’s much appreciated by their dedicated fanbase.

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Saint PHNX

“I don’t need nobody else. I’m doing fine all by myself.” Singing these empowering words in ‘Nunchuk,’ Saint PHNX announce to the world that they have got their sights set on success with confidence and the world will be their witness. While supporting pop punk rebel Yungblud on his autumn tour, they have impressed time and time again with their high-energy atmosphere and ability to ignite the fire in a crowd. The band may consist of brothers Stevie and Alan Jukes, but unlike Oasis, their brotherly bond only strengthens their music and partnership.

Their latest album demonstrates a clear ambition and recipe for success. Opening track ‘Scream’ features a relentless electronic chorus, with a consistent drumbeat throughout; while a softer rock side is captured in the track ‘Sorry’. Doubtlessly, their songwriting prowess and attitude will set them in good stead for selling out arenas.

Read our full Q&A with Saint PHNX here and follow them on Facebook here

Twin Atlantic Bands from Glasgow

Twin Atlantic

Having been rocking the music scene for over a decade, Twin Atlantic are still one of the strongest bands from Glasgow. The band consists of drummer Craig Kneale, bassist Ross McNae and Sam McTrusty on both vocals and guitar. From 2011’s alt-rock album Free to their latest electronic-powered release POWER, not only has the trio matured in sound, their enthusiasm has also become more apparent in their songcraft.

While there are alt-rock tracks such as ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Heart and Soul’ winning the popular vote, their newest releases such as ‘Oh Euphoria!’ and ‘Novocaine’ have showcased the band’s newly established electro-rock sound.

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