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The Northern Powerhouse Bites Back: 7 of the Most Exciting Bands from Manchester

Bands from Manchester: Blanketman (Photo Credit: Through The Eyes of Ruby)

As the birthplace of the Underground brand there is always a huge place in our heart for Manchester. There’s no questioning that the city is home to some of the most important musical icons and yet the city has been criticised for being stuck in the past sonically. These bands from Manchester are here to confirm the city’s heroic status in the music leaderboard.

Bands from Manchester to check out


Gaining a strong reputation in Manchester’s underground scene with fans from Brix Smith to Blossoms, Blanketman are ones to watch. Their sound celebrates 70s and 80s punk, full of jangly guitars and retro synths whilst upholding a modern feel.

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Document (Photo Credit: Bands on Film)


With less than a year of gigging under their belt, Document have quickly established themselves as a key band in the city’s modern post-punk revival. Their debut EP A Camera Wanders All Night is highly confident, dark and often sinister – it’s certainly a glorious racket. Definitely one of our favourite bands from Manchester!

Read our interview with Document here and follow them on Facebook here

bands from Manchester the Goa Express
The Goa Express (Photo Credit: Louis Butler)

The Goa Express

Manchester’s teenage pals of the Goa Express have recently been swept up by Rough Trade for their fresh psych-infused garage rock. Although influences varying from 60s psychedelia to post-punk are obvious, their sound is distinct and compelling, with a sound that perfectly complements their fun-loving attitude and charm of the city of Manchester.

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bands from Manchester
Tinfoils (Photo Credit: Debbie Ellis, Asupremeshot)


Chaotic & clattering yet optimistic, Tinfoils’ garage-punk is certainly worth your attention. Their most recent single release ‘Spitting’ is vigorously charged with rough guitars, upbeat bass and frantic beats.

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bands from Manchester
Aldous RH (Photo Credit: Mona Cordes)

Aldous RH

Aldous RH – AKA Al Robinson – infuses elements of 70s R&B, jazz, psychedelic pop and groove with his signature lo-fi twist. Aldous RH’s debut album Respect 4 Devotion explores his soulful and sleazy beachside sound, which too often seems too far from Manchester.

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bands from Manchester
Slap Rash (Photo Credit: Will Shield)

Slap Rash

Rough around the edges, jagged, primal and raw, two-piece Slap Rash are injecting vibrance back into the Manchester scene with their primal punk. Doused in charm with whimsical, honest lyrics, boisterous drumming and riffs smothered in fuzz, the band is making a tremendous tumult.

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Witch Fever (Photo Credit: Wildblanket Photography)

Witch Fever

Witch Fever’s explosive doom punk alleviated by the band’s politically charged vocals is set to make a noise far beyond Manchester. Heavy riffs, feral vocals, rumbling bass lines and fierce drumming, this is the band you don’t want to miss when gigs return.

Check out more female bands from Manchester and watch our interview with Witch Fever here

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