First, sorry for the long read but we really want to explain our position on Black Friday and how we plan to use this opportunity to improve further our sensible and sustainable manufacturing policy

For Underground, the Black Friday, and Boxing Day phenomenon, has always been seen as unnecessary. We are dedicated to small batch production, with no need to sell more product through aggressive discounting. Most of our customers, we believe, appreciate the quality of our product, and will pay full price knowing that they will receive years of wear from our shoes.

But we do face the reality of the commercial world and having to standing back whilst the big corporation’s cash in on the stampede that will diminish the resource of our brand.

How do we respond . We must be honest and say that we are torn between our commercial requirements and our brand values. One of the advantages of being an independent business is the ability to make our own rules and decisions. So, we have taken a good look this year at Boxing Day and “Black Friday “and how we should manage that as a brand.

How do we achieve our commercial aim as a brand and at the same time minimise our environmental footprint?

Where we are now

As a brand we currently offer four product lines

– Our core Originals such as the WULFRUN, APOLLO and TRACKER

– Collaborations

– Custom Made

– Colour and Style Options on our popular styles

We produce all these lines in small batch quantities in family-owned partner factories in Portugal and the UK. The Core Originals sell through and are replaced with new batches of stock. The collaborations by their nature are limited in number and sell out. The custom-made shoes are already a perfect model for sustainable production, with zero over-production.

That brings us to the Colour and style options. We found that it is in this line that the stock may not always sell through and that is to be the focus of our attention.

What we need to do

We have never claimed to be perfect, but we are sincere. So, our next step going forward is quite straight forward. Let’s remove the proliferation of colour and style options and reinvest the resource into an improved and faster custom-made service. To achieve that we will make the stock of those variants available in a one-off sale this year where we can recalibrate our offer, improve our service and reduce resource and waste to achieve a better outcome. We aim to be in a position in 2022 where we can ignore Boxing Day and Black Friday having delivered excellent quality product with sensible manufacture all year around.

Where we want to be

As we say, we are not perfect but that does not prevent us from trying to be perfect. We can move into 2022 with a clear objective and offer

– Originals styles available from stock

– Collaborations with limited drops

– New Editions available by pre-sale

– Custom made with a wider options and faster turnaround

We want our customers to be able to access excellent quality product all year around without the pressure to buy a product in a narrow window of time a part of an overbearing marketing campaign. Our products will last for years so there is no need to buy as a snap decision.

The last few years have been challenging for us all and as we end our 40th year we are ready and excited by the new opportunities that lay ahead to provide you with products that are manufactured sustainably and sensibly.

Our offer this year

You can see the options available here. There are extremely attractive prices here and please know that these are all genuine reductions made to help achieve our goal of improving our manufacturing sustainability. We will be creating a new offer for 2022 that will include collaborations supporting new designers, improving our custom-made service, and continuing to build our good practice credential.

Enjoy the offering and thanks for your support

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