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Black Cat Café – All Thriller No Killer

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We’ve kind of always known Vegans are a higher form of life than your average, carnivorous Joe. Although there hasn’t been any solid evidence to support the idea that not eating dairy will give you psychic powers (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World), there are major studies which demonstrate just how life enhancing a vegan diet can be. I’m sure we’ve all snuck a look at that raunchy Super Bowl advert? The ad by PETA aimed to promote a vegan lifestyle by showing how men who eat less meat lasted longer in bed. Unfortunately for PETA, and for couples everywhere, the advert was deemed too explicit to be screened and the message went largely unheard.

Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

At Underground we aim to provide shoes for all comers. We pay attention to and recognise a diversity of lifestyle choices, so it’s important to us that we create options for everyone – vegan and non-vegan alike! Alongside our iconic leather shoes we are now able to offer a selection of vegan alternatives made from Lorica – an artificial material but with all the physical qualities of leather. In our latest shoot for these all thriller no killer Creepers we’ve teamed up with the coolest cats in town- Black Cat Café. For years this Hackney cafe has been the vegan capital of London. They are a non profit, world saving, vegetable transforming set-up in Hackney who’s alternative fry up will change your outlook on life.

Their menu is a little different each time so you know what you’re eating is fresh, thought through and made with love (for you and your planet). Inside it’s warm and bright, with that pared back, arty decor conducive to a calm, friendly atmosphere. It was an absolute delight stomping around in here for our shoot. They’ll be some fantastic new images appearing on our social media soon, so keen your eyes peeled!


Massive thank you to the Black Cat Café! We’ll definitely be popping by for Thursday’s pizza night – avocado, spinach and pine nut toppings!? Sheer bliss.

They’re open weekdays 12am-9pm and weekends 11am-8pm except Tuesdays

Black Cat Café

Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories
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