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Blocking Out The Doom and Gloom: 10 Uplifting Tracks From Emerging Artists To Help You Through The Next Lockdown

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Music is a source of comfort for many and the next period of lockdown will likely prove no different. As we prepare to head into isolation again, we thought that it would be fitting to put together a collection of songs which are sure to lift your spirits – from the rock musings of Hawxx to the kaleidoscopic fantasies of Delights, there’s something for everyone.

‘Loverboy’ by Delights

A charming track likely to help you revisit the butterfly feelings of love, ‘Loverboy’ by Delights will draw you in with the glittering synth. The Manchester-based band’s track is the perfect mix of bedroom pop with a slight sprinkling of classic rock. You’re sure to get lost in their dreamy instrumentals.


If you’re interested in learning more about the Manchester music scene, you can view our full range here, including titles such as So It Goes by Kevin Cummins and The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club by Peter Hook


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Green Eyes by Arlo Parks

London-based singer-songwriter Arlo Parks is providing a slice of comfort with her latest indie-pop groove, ‘Green Eyes’. Broaching themes such as self-discovery and self-acceptance, it’s a calming and tender track blending Parks’ enchanting vocals with beautifully layered background vocals. Her album Collapsed in Sunbeams is due for release in January 2021.


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‘Tell Me’ by Dancing On Tables

An indie-pop track with a difference, it’s packed full of unexpected twists to keep you coming back for more. Containing an impressive guitar riff woven into the thumping beat, slick backing vocals and a smooth guitar solo – it’s sure to get stuck in your head. Filled with toe-tapping energy, the Scottish pop-rock band have added another successful track to their growing discography.


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‘Live It Up’ by APRE

Written in response to the social pressures of the modern world, ‘Live It Up’ weaves an unwavering thread of hope throughout. The first song from APRE’S forthcoming mini-album, it is an alt-pop masterpiece. The Kent-based duo fuse shimmering synth with a pulsing beat, topped off with uplifting lyrics reminding you to listen to the supportive people who surround you.


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‘MOJO’ by Aiste

Beautifully dramatic and never compromising on quality, London-based artist Aiste’s latest track oozes confidence and implores you to take control of your own power. Her soaring gospel-esque vocals and the cinematic instrumentals are sure to immediately capture your attention.


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‘Things You Wouldn’t Do’ by Kyris

A high-powered indie-rock hit dedicated to the joys of being on the cusp of a romance and living for the moment, even if the outcome isn’t certain is something we can all relate to. The upbeat guitar melody is reminiscent of early Foo Fighters – an attention-grabbing rock fusion worthy of the greats.


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‘Low’ by Hawxx

Beginning with a deceptively slow introduction and haunting vocals, it picks up with crashing drums and powerful guitars for the chorus. It’s a heavy rock gem built on the premise that feelings such as pain and loneliness may happen. However, it’s about finding strength within yourself while you wait for it to pass, leaving ready to move on in your life.


If you’re interested in learning more about rock and metal music, be sure to look at ‘Defenders of the Faith’ by Peter Beste


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‘Send Me Away’ by Lucy Gaffney

Capturing pure escapism and a garage-esque rawness, ‘Send Me Away’, is a tribute to blissful naivety and the thrilling nature of the unknown. The Irish musician’s latest indie-pop track features her airy vocals contrasting with hazy guitars, providing the perfect balance.


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‘Golden Girl’ by Phoebe Green

Reflecting on relationships with themes such as self-growth, acceptance and awareness, this is a track boasting a true inner-strength. Staying true to indie-pop sensibilities, its honest lyrics are accompanied by glittering guitars and Phoebe Green’s moving vocals. Trying to maintain perfection constantly is draining and disheartening, as Green so beautifully conveys. It also marks our first taste from her forthcoming EP I Can’t Cry For You, make sure to keep an eye out for its release on February 5th.

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‘Boy Bye’ by Lauran Hibberd


Known for her tongue-in-cheek lyrics which boast a true reflection of the world surrounding us, ‘Boy Bye’ is another immediate hit. Tackling themes of codependency and relationships, it is a powerful track which has a fierceness at its core, indicated by the explosive instrumentals at the chorus. A pop-punk anthem with an empowering twist, what’s not to love?


If you’re interested in learning more about women in music, you can find our full range of books here, including titles such as ‘Revenge of The She-Punks’ by Vivien Goldman here


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