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Researching, exploring and reporting British inspired Subculture and Art past and present. Our subculture blog delves into the roots of Northern Soul and simultaneously reports on the contemporary Northern Soul scene. It interviews emerging new wave bands that themselves are inspired by the original punk bands appearing across another page of the Blog.

It charts the evolution of Subcultures from their emergence in the 60’s and 70’s to a more inclusive and equitable movement today. The underground and subcultures are never fixed in one place or time. They have strong and meaningful reference points but are always evolving.

Always Forward, Never Back. 

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Dennis Morris - PiL Underground Blog

Dennis Morris – PiL

Something appears to be stirring in the streets of London. The familiar stench of sweat, smoke and an inconceivable quantity of hairspray hangs in the

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NICE PINS! - Underground England Blog post


2015 was described by Vogue as the ‘the year of DIY fashion’, they would know. The undone hems and patched up jeans we oohed and

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Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

MAD about the Hatter

Victoria Grant’s name is upon the lips of those in the highest, most glamorous circles, while her extraordinary hats sit upon their heads. Based in

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Stanley Kubrick - A Clockwork Orange - Underground England Blog

Stanley Kubrick

One of the most startlingly unique and talented minds in cinema, Stanley Kubrick is immortalised by his work. On March 7th 1999, he suffered a

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BECAUSE TV - Underground blog


We know how lucky we are at Underground to have friends in some amazing places. One of our dearest creative and cultural matches is the

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Chronic Youth - Focus Film Festival - Underground England Blog


This year’s Focus Film Festival tagged ‘Chronic Youth’ casts its lens on risk taking, rule breaking outsiders tasked with balancing their personal and professional lives

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