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Our Music, Art and Culture pages are a curation of things that we like from our Underground universe. The bands that we grew up with in Manchester and the best that Manchester offers today; the books that we read, the films that we watch; the venues that shine a light for live music and those venues that are no more; the photographers that capture the moment and the artists that paint; the seminal moments in rock like the first punk festival in Europe and the last David Bowie tour; Vinyl’s from our archive and new releases for Records Store Day. The British bands of the moment, Afropunk, Women in Music, the independent labels venues and festivals and all the elements that are part of the Underground.


Portals Festival

Portals Festival in Review

PHOTO CREDS: Hana Laurie   Following what seemed to be London’s festival weekend, one of the festivals on offer was Portals Festival. Taking place at

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