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Samantha Togni DJ

Boudica are a London based label and party exploring the darker and hedonistic side of electronic music, run by womxn and non-binary folk.  This weekend sees the launch of a project to inspire more womxn and non-binary people to get involved in the music industry with the inaugural BOUDICA MUSIC CONFERENCE.

Taking place on November 15th at the Freemasons Hall in London, the conference will explore the disparity of gender in the music industry generally and discuss the impact of COVID on the wellbeing of those working in the industry.


The Freemasons Hall with its grandeur will provide the backdrop to music industry panels including representatives from The Musicians Union, BMG UK, London Sound Academy, Capital, Music Support, Soundway Records, Inferno, Warner Records and Musica Therapy.

The panels will be discussing the importance of digital including social media strategy, PR and online presence, the disruption to promotional methods and how to react and reinvent in the face of COVID.

As if it must be said, the panel discussions will be followed by DJ sets broadcast from the Grand Temple and include sets from Samantha Togni, Proteus, Object Blue, and Tasha.

It is a free livestream so tune in on Sunday, get the info on the music scene and how you cab get involved and get yourself a free DJ set for Sunday

More information at Boudica Facebook and Instagram.

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