Cut and Paste: the surreal anthropology of STEPH DUTTON

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Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Pairing bygone imagery with surreal sentences, Steph Dutton, harnesses collage to dissect human behaviour in all its banality and eccentricity. Playful compositions show fragments of archival image anatomised with arrows; forming bizarre photo-montage narratives. Steph’s work may be synonymous with Nottingham post-punk band Do Nothing – their shared penchant for hilarity has established a long-lasting… Read more »

OF SKINHEADS AND SKIN: The Artwork of Rene Matić

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Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Rene Matić’s first solo show may have recently closed at Bermondsey’s Vitrine Gallery, but the Peterborough-born artist has made their ephemeral exhibition permanent; its title ‘Born British, Die British’ is indelibly etched on Matić’s skin, reclaiming a phrase to fit their own experience of the Black British diaspora. Investigating Skinhead culture as a means to… Read more »

WEIRDO Zine Creator Naz Toorabally talks about South Asian Visibility

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Creator Naz Toorabally and contributors from the first issue of WEIRDO Zine (Photo Credit: Arhantika Rebello) While there is a lack of alternative South Asian visibility and acceptance across the mainstream media, South Asian people are also not widely represented in subcultures such as punk and goth. Created in response to this, WEIRDO Zine was… Read more »

Joe Taylor discusses his latest zine Communion dedicated to the live music community

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Running a sustainable clothing brand, art collective/promotional company with a punk aesthetic, founder of DENIAL Joe Taylor has recently published his latest zine Communion to celebrate grassroots live music venues and commemorate the good times of the live music community before the pandemic. Communion was released with a mission to raise money for live music… Read more »

Craig Atkinson, founder of Café Royal Books, talks British documentary photography and being independent

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Café Royal Books

Raw Punk Streets UK 1979-1982 by Janette Beckman Café Royal Books is a publisher of limited-edition titles focusing on British documentary photography. Craig started the project in 2005 as a way of exhibiting his own artwork without having to use a gallery. As his own work became more photographic, so did what he published. The… Read more »