The poetry and possibility of SINEAD O’BRIEN

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The lilting, spoken songs of poet-performer Sinead O’Brien are meditative in both senses of the word. Simultaneously hypnotic and pensive, to listen to O’Brien’s musical offerings is to be immersed in her malleable vocabulary of Irish inflections and swelling instrumentation (courtesy of Julian Hanson and Oscar Robertson.) With a work ethic centred around fluctuation and… Read more »

Ever heard of…. SU TISSUE

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The first instalment in our series investigating overlooked or obscured figures in musical history examines the enigmatic Su Tissue of LA post-punkers Suburban Lawns. Often lamented as the pinnacle of post-punk amnesia; the incendiary absurdity of Suburban Lawns was all but neglected were it not for an enduring curiosity concerning the “disappearance” of Su Tissue,… Read more »

STRANGE BONES: A powerhouse of ferocious vigour, Strange Bones discuss their debut album

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Brought up on a parental influence of punk, the Bentham brothers have kept musical vitriol in the family in the form of Strange Bones. Sounding as if hardcore punk was pummelled through a warped lens of distorted vocals and acid drum and bass, Strange Bones converge The Cramps and The Prodigy in a heady experimentation…. Read more »

WALT DISCO share remix of their debut E.P. “Young Hard and Handsome”

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In the autumnal gloom of 2020, Scottish six-piece Walt Disco presented a longed-for EP of contemporary New Romanticism clad in celestial synths and brocade corsetry. A decadent debut, “Young Hard and Handsome” was a jubilant statement of intent in a four-song cadence of thunderous theatricals. Now, in the equally gloomy winter of 2021, Walt Disco… Read more »


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Since the 1960’s, the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna has traditionally been a city associated with counter-culture and progressive politics. It’s capital, the medieval city Bologna, is home of the oldest university in Europe and the region’s political activist history established Emilia-Romagna as the spiritual home of Italian student, feminist, anarchist and equality movements. Naturally then,… Read more »

8 Ferocious British Post-punk Bands to Look out for

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Squid post punk bands

British Post-punk Bands: Squid (Photo Credit: Benedicte Dacquin) The British post-punk scene has come a long way since their establishment in the 1970’s with often minimalist and sometimes avant-garde experimentation with classic rock and punk. The diverse and wide genre remains true to its DIY ethic with current bands exploring various styles, as the genre… Read more »

Bands from Glasgow: Pop rock darlings and post punks that need to be on your radar

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Lucia & the Best Boys bands from Glasgow

Glasgow, the cultural hub of Scotland, the city where largely recognised bands such as Primal Scream and Simple Minds originated. From the theatrical-pop aesthetic of Walt Disco to Chvrches’ ingenious mix of synth-pop and indie, the Scottish city is home to a wide range of talent. Check out these bands from Glasgow  Lucia & The… Read more »

Manchester’s post-punk outfit Document on The Smiths, synthesisers and Call of Duty

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With a riotous blend of scratchy guitar riffs and bellowing vocals, Manchester’s post punks Document are doing their hometown proud with their recent EP release A Camera Wanders All Night. Influenced by 70s and 80s indie pioneers such as The Fall and The Smiths, Document shine with their thrilling post-punk stomps, shouty vocals and sharp… Read more »