8 Ferocious British Post-punk Bands to Look out for

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Squid post punk bands

British Post-punk Bands: Squid (Photo Credit: Benedicte Dacquin) The British post-punk scene has come a long way since their establishment in the 1970’s with often minimalist and sometimes avant-garde experimentation with classic rock and punk. The diverse and wide genre remains true to its DIY ethic with current bands exploring various styles, as the genre… Read more »

Bands from Glasgow: Pop rock darlings and post punks that need to be on your radar

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Lucia & the Best Boys bands from Glasgow

Glasgow, the cultural hub of Scotland, the city where largely recognised bands such as Primal Scream and Simple Minds originated. From the theatrical-pop aesthetic of Walt Disco to Chvrches’ ingenious mix of synth-pop and indie, the Scottish city is home to a wide range of talent. Check out these bands from Glasgow  Lucia & The… Read more »

Manchester’s post-punk outfit Document on The Smiths, synthesisers and Call of Duty

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With a riotous blend of scratchy guitar riffs and bellowing vocals, Manchester’s post punks Document are doing their hometown proud with their recent EP release A Camera Wanders All Night. Influenced by 70s and 80s indie pioneers such as The Fall and The Smiths, Document shine with their thrilling post-punk stomps, shouty vocals and sharp… Read more »

Dublin post-punk band Odd Morris on being honest and their latest single ‘Cold Water’

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Odd Morris 2 (Jack Martin)

Odd Morris (Photo Credit: Jack Martin) Renowned for its ferocious, outspoken and ever-expanding post-punk scene, Dublin has been merrily preoccupied with the desire to ignite the post-punk revival scenes. Sharing the same rehearsal space with their city peers/post-punk sensations Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital, Dublin post-punk quartet Odd Morris have slowly but surely caught… Read more »

The Ninth Wave discuss their favourite synthesisers, literature and emotional machoism

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The Ninth Wave

Post-punk duo The Ninth Wave (Photo Credit: Stuart Simpson) Combining gothic vibes with luscious synths and pop sensibilities, plugging into the soundscape of The Ninth Wave is always an exhilarating ride. The first time we heard The Ninth Wave, we were smitten by the band’s uniquely stylised vocals. Hailing from Glasgow, the noisy post-punk duo… Read more »