Cut and Paste: the surreal anthropology of STEPH DUTTON

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Pairing bygone imagery with surreal sentences, Steph Dutton, harnesses collage to dissect human behaviour in all its banality and eccentricity. Playful compositions show fragments of archival image anatomised with arrows; forming bizarre photo-montage narratives. Steph’s work may be synonymous with Nottingham post-punk band Do Nothing – their shared penchant for hilarity has established a long-lasting… Read more »

Ever heard of…..ANYA PHILLIPS?

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The second instalment in our series investigating overlooked or obscured figures in musical and subcultural history delves into the short and spectacular life of New York no-wave luminary Anya Phillips. Her name may not summon instant recognition – but if you’ve any interest in the music scene of 1970’s New York, you’ve surely witnessed Anya… Read more »

‘POLY STYRENE: I am a Cliché’, the film about a musical icon who was anything but

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“I wanna be instamatic. I wanna be a frozen pea” howls Poly Styrene on X-Ray Spex’s debut, and only, album released in 1978. Shriek-singing observations of commodity fetishism, germs and genetic engineering, over 40 years later and “the world is still playing catch-up with Poly Styrene”; as stated by Pauline Black in Poly Styrene: I… Read more »

THE DAYBREAKERS on the obstacles of rock’n’roll

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Guitar-slinging and fedora-clad, The Daybreakers are composed of rollicking blues and smooth vocals. Combining the slickest parts of experimental rock with lyrics pertaining to contemporary musical cliches and white-washing history, this trio’s musical plight is symptomatic of the modern condition. From the paintings of Basquiat, to the forgotten musical lineage of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, we… Read more »

SHENGGY SHEN – “Rebellion has a beautiful spirit”

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Drummer of China’s first female punk band, sonic experimentalist and Dover Street Market buyer, Shenggy Shen resides amongst avant-garde music and fashion. From working with the infamous Blixa Bargeld to making analogue psychedelia as Elephant House, we spoke to Shenggy about classical music, Chinese culture and creative rebellion. You were the drummer of Hang on… Read more »


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Since the 1960’s, the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna has traditionally been a city associated with counter-culture and progressive politics. It’s capital, the medieval city Bologna, is home of the oldest university in Europe and the region’s political activist history established Emilia-Romagna as the spiritual home of Italian student, feminist, anarchist and equality movements. Naturally then,… Read more »