Wraith : The Club Night That Revels In Gothic Hedonism, Queer Pleasure, and Boundary Pushing Art

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Words by Jess Ralph  Lead photo from No One Studio   Dark, fetishistic , transgressive , hedonistic and with community at its core, Wraith is the club night for those who like their electronica gloomy and hard, their platforms stacked high, and don’t mind their dancing momentarily interrupted to witness someone being whipped- all in… Read more »

The Golden Age of Fetish Art – The Bizarre , Retro Erotica of John Willie , Irving Klaw and Charles Guyette

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bizarre magazine john willie irving klaw

Bizzare Magazine by John Willie Words by Jess Ralph   Ever since there has been art , there has been erotic art. The human appetite for titillating imagery can be seen across millennials and cultures – the explicit ( and often homo-erotic) pottery of ancient Greece ,  the sex as spirituality how-to manual of 3th… Read more »


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Patti Smith performing in black and white

Words by Jess Ralph Poetry. It’s a form of literature that usually conjures up thoughts of romanticised ramblings about the weather, twee victorian verses with rhyming couplets or lofty shakespearean sonnets. Punk. It’s a word of ambiguous, multifaceted meanings, yet similarly limited by its own stereotypes. In the popular imagination, punk’s meaning is simplistic, two-dimensional: angry teenagers… Read more »


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Deadletter Leeds Underground Interview

Photography by @sarahoglesby_creative Deadletter, in their own words “channel the droll fury of Gang of Four and the lopsided rhythms of Talking Heads into a strain of vehement post-punk, exploring the darker side of existence through a lens of narrative-driven levity.” We spoke to Zac (singer), George (Bassist) and Alfie (Drummer) at Leeds Festival, the… Read more »