Bands from Glasgow: Pop rock darlings and post punks that need to be on your radar

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Lucia & the Best Boys bands from Glasgow

Glasgow, the cultural hub of Scotland, the city where largely recognised bands such as Primal Scream and Simple Minds originated. From the theatrical-pop aesthetic of Walt Disco to Chvrches’ ingenious mix of synth-pop and indie, the Scottish city is home to a wide range of talent. Check out these bands from Glasgow  Lucia & The… Read more »

Unapologetic and cheerfully obscene: PUSSYLIQUOR discuss female taboos and their ideal music festival line-up

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Pussyliquor (Xandru)

PUSSYLIQUOR (Photo Credit: Xandru Zahra) Known for crafting politically charged (and amusing) anthems, PUSSYLIQUOR’s music is a heartfelt nod to DIY punk and female empowerment. Their most recent release PUSSYLIQUOR. what of it. is a robust punk rock EP whose swagger and howling speak for itself. The first time you listen to its famed opener… Read more »

Female Bands from Brighton that Fly the Flag for Women in Music

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Dream Wife Female bands from Brighton

Female bands from Brighton: Dream Wife (Photo Credit: Sarah Piantadosi) Underground has always been an advocate for women in music. Having already recommended some of our favourite female bands from Manchester, we’re heading to the south coast to explore the female bands from Brighton. From dream-pop darlings Fickle Friends to raucous punk band Pussyliqour, the… Read more »

Manchester’s post-punk outfit Document on The Smiths, synthesisers and Call of Duty

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With a riotous blend of scratchy guitar riffs and bellowing vocals, Manchester’s post punks Document are doing their hometown proud with their recent EP release A Camera Wanders All Night. Influenced by 70s and 80s indie pioneers such as The Fall and The Smiths, Document shine with their thrilling post-punk stomps, shouty vocals and sharp… Read more »

The Slow Readers Club: Aaron Starkie discusses new album and measuring success and failure

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Aaron Starkie The Slow Readers Club

Hailing from Manchester the Rock ‘n’ Roll factory, The Slow Readers Club have solidified themselves as the alternative rock stalwarts. Before it all began, vocalist/keyboardist Aaron Starkie and bassist James Ryan were in a band named Omertà. When it came to an end, the two of them brought in Aaron’s brother Kurt Starkie on guitar… Read more »

Indie folk sister duo Xylaroo on documenting little moments that last a lifetime

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With the instinct and sensibility of a gifted storyteller, Xylaroo offer a beautiful array of slice of life stories in their songwriting. Have been performing together since they were children, Coco and Holly Chant are the perfect harmony on stage – the kind that exhilarates and comforts us like a delicate breeze entering a room…. Read more »

Dublin post-punk band Odd Morris on being honest and their latest single ‘Cold Water’

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Odd Morris 2 (Jack Martin)

Odd Morris (Photo Credit: Jack Martin) Renowned for its ferocious, outspoken and ever-expanding post-punk scene, Dublin has been merrily preoccupied with the desire to ignite the post-punk revival scenes. Sharing the same rehearsal space with their city peers/post-punk sensations Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital, Dublin post-punk quartet Odd Morris have slowly but surely caught… Read more »

Get whisked away in Thyla’s soundscape of hazy dreampop on Everything at Once

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Thyla record store day 2020

Influenced by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, The Horrors, Cocteau Twins and more, Brighton’s up-and-coming dream pop darlings Thyla find no trouble in creating waves of synth-laden tunes. By employing angelic vocals and beautiful guitar tones, their latest EP Everything at Once turns its soundscape into a kaleidoscopic whole. The opener ‘Two Sense’ washes… Read more »

Music video premiere + Q&A: Valeras discuss ‘Hear Me Out’ and being authentic

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Always invigorating and sonically upbeat, Reading’s Valeras are a young up-and-coming indie rock band who swiftly got marked as ones to watch. Having released a number of singles including ‘Intentions’ and ‘Louder’ as well as supporting bands like YONAKA and The Wombats, the four-piece has impressed with their incredible pop hooks and ambitious tunes. Influenced… Read more »