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Blur’s ‘The Universal’

Known most notably for their large presence within the brit-pop scene of the 90s, Blur are Damon Albarn, Alex James, Graham Coxon, and Dave Rowntree. The band are known for the storytelling through their music that often comments on the class divide and socio-political narratives, and ‘The Universal’ was one to do exactly that. Opening… Read more »

The Story of Subculture: NORTHERN SOUL

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Northern Soul – was a youth movement about precisely that – MOVEMENT. Clapping, spinning, kicking, stomping, jumping, shuffling, sweating: Northern Soul operated as an irrepressible motion to a persistent beat. Functioning at over 100 beats per minute: keep on moving; don’t stop or you’ll drop. This is a subculture where the music, and the ebullient… Read more »

Fast-paced Soul with a Beat to Dance the Night away: A Brief History of Northern Soul

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northern soul

Deptford Northern Soul Club in London “The Music was Motown. The Passion is British.’ – Elaine Constantine’s Northern Soul Film, 2014 Origins of Northern soul date back to the late 1960s’ underground rhythm and soul scene. Thousands of teenagers in the North of England danced to the same syncopated beat, revolting against the charts. The… Read more »