Which bands and musicians wear Creepers?

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Black Honey wearing Creepers. Underground blog Which bands and musicians wear Creepers

With fashion and style being one of the key components to a musician’s aesthetic and image, fashion is as much an expression as the music which they create. Because of this, a musician’s wardrobe is something that is part of their identity as much as the art that they create. Having been worn by many… Read more »

Underground Soundwave – A round-up of what’s happening

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QLOWSKI: After having recently released their debut album ‘Quale Futuro?’ which translates as ‘What Future?’ on 4th June, the post-punk and noise rock inspired ‘Qlowski’ are playing a run of UK tour dates in the coming months, featuring the newly released album. Heavily inspired by the post-punk and punk scene, the album is a politically… Read more »

Ever heard of…..ZAPPLE RECORDS?

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Zapple Records blog at Underground England Music Art Subculture

The next instalment in our series investigating overlooked or obscured figures in musical and subcultural history takes a look at Zapple Records, a short-lived label division which championed spoken word and experimental avant-garde sounds. (The previous edition of ‘Ever Heard of…’ about German post-punk, girl-group Malaria! can be read here) Type ‘Zapple Records’ into a… Read more »

HOLIDAY GHOSTS on their new album ‘North Street Air’

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Holiday Ghosts band photo - Underground England Bands blog

Holiday Ghosts are back with a new LP ‘North Street Air’; taking its title from their environment, their third album is a documentation of Katja Rackin and Sam Stacpoole’s lived environment. From sea-side streets to atrocious landlords – ‘Mr Herandi’ is about one such individual, but Holiday Ghosts’ achieved compensation in recording their musical plight… Read more »

Bootlicking GROUP THERAPY’s 54-track-long Charity Compilation

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Group Therapy cover art

Bootlickers by name, Bootlickers by nature: Underground’s new radio show is all about applauding and advocating creativity; exciting, emerging and experimental. Established as a reaction to the pandemic’s crippling effects on health and creativity, Group Therapy sought to unite an incredible array of artists, giving space to musical endeavours (which rarely see the light of… Read more »

THE DAYBREAKERS on the obstacles of rock’n’roll

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Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Guitar-slinging and fedora-clad, The Daybreakers are composed of rollicking blues and smooth vocals. Combining the slickest parts of experimental rock with lyrics pertaining to contemporary musical cliches and white-washing history, this trio’s musical plight is symptomatic of the modern condition. From the paintings of Basquiat, to the forgotten musical lineage of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, we… Read more »

STRANGE BONES: A powerhouse of ferocious vigour, Strange Bones discuss their debut album

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Underground Shoes Boots Strange Bones

Strange Bones band was brought up on a parental influence of punk, the Bentham brothers have kept musical vitriol in the family in the form of Strange Bones. Sounding as if hardcore punk was pummelled through a warped lens of distorted vocals and acid drum and bass, Strange Bones band converge The Cramps and The… Read more »