Which Soundwave artists play a Gibson or Epiphone guitar?

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Gibson is one of the most famous guitar brands in the world – played by both rock legends and contemporary artists alike. Established in 1902, with guitar production starting from 1930, Gibson swiftly forged a legacy which persists to this day. The Epiphone had a similar start to Gibson, with the brand’s guitar production starting… Read more »

Which bands and musicians wear Creepers?

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Black Honey wearing Creepers. Underground blog Which bands and musicians wear Creepers

With fashion and style being one of the key components to a musician’s aesthetic and image, fashion is as much an expression as the music which they create. Because of this, a musician’s wardrobe is something that is part of their identity as much as the art that they create. Having been worn by many… Read more »

THE DAYBREAKERS on the obstacles of rock’n’roll

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Guitar-slinging and fedora-clad, The Daybreakers are composed of rollicking blues and smooth vocals. Combining the slickest parts of experimental rock with lyrics pertaining to contemporary musical cliches and white-washing history, this trio’s musical plight is symptomatic of the modern condition. From the paintings of Basquiat, to the forgotten musical lineage of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, we… Read more »

Ace of Spades Covers: One of Rock’s Greatest Anthems and its Many Makeovers

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motorhead aces of spades covers

Ace of Spades Songwriter and Motorhead Frontman Lemmy in 1979 (Photo Credit: Chris Walker) A distinctively fierce Rock ‘N’ Roll anthem and Motörhead’s signature song, there is an array of ‘Ace of Spades’ covers by generations of musicians hoping to re-capture Lemmy Kilmister’s ferocious energy. The song was released back in 1980, later becoming the… Read more »

The Dream Team: Rock’s Greatest Musicians Banded Together for the Finest Fantasy Line-Up

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Throughout the years, the world of rock has seen many talented artists take to the stage. We’re collecting together some of rock’s greatest musicians of the past and present, with the premise of imagining how extraordinary it might have been if they had formed a band. Delegating roles wasn’t easy, however, these are the names… Read more »

Rock ‘n’ roll duo Generation are set to return with a ferocious and confrontational mini album Suicidal Champagne

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Packed with fuzz-filled and fervent anthems, Liverpool rockers Generation’s brand-new mini-album Suicidal Champagne is a reflection of the exuberant spirit and rebelliousness of youth. The album contains the crowd-pleasing singles ‘I Like It’ and ‘Who Loves This Generation?’ as well as five previously unreleased tracks. Consisting of brothers James and Dean Carne – both vocalists,… Read more »

The Seductive Sounds of Chaos: L.A. Witch share their love for the West Coast and their upcoming album Play with Fire

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Californian goth-grunge band L.A. Witch It’s overstuffed with churning guitars and garage noise; yet fuelled by an undercurrent of fuzzy bliss. We are talking about Los Angeles’ goth-grunge band L.A. Witch, who take us through the dark brooding tales of mischief and romance with their bewitching tunes. From vocalist Sade Sanchez’s sultry vocals to the… Read more »

From Ozzy Osbourne to the Damned, Here Are Lemmy Kilmister’s Most Legendary Collaborations

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lemmy kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister and Ozzy Osbourne (Photo Credit: Stephen Payne) Lemmy Kilmister, a past master at musical collaborations. Today, we take a look at the legend and how collaborations were one of the cornerstones of his Thrash Metal Empire Stoke-on-Trent and Motörhead’s frontman Lemmy Kilmister embodied Rock ‘n’ Roll with his gnarly voice and forceful bassist,… Read more »

Feminist Punk Icons that Set the Stage for Female Empowerment in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world

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Patti Smith Judy Linn feminist punk icons

Feminist Punk Icons: Patti Smith (Photo Credit: Judy Linn) Hallmarked by a combination of punk rock and a desire to do things by their own admission, these feminist punk icons have changed the game. From the original trailblazer Patti Smith to up-and-coming noisemakers The Red Stains, their legacy remains the same – an intention to… Read more »