Rise of the Eco-Punk: ‘A QUIET CEREMONY’

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"Balaclava" by Lucinda Graham

One year ago, recently graduated and newly redundant, Lucinda Graham set out to re-define what sustainable fashion could mean in the midst of a pandemic. Working from her parents’ dining room, equipped with discarded upholstery fabric and a grant (to buy an overlocker with), Lucinda assembled crochet, patch-worked garments; “rebirthing subculture through DIY aesthetics.” A… Read more »

Cut and Paste: the surreal anthropology of STEPH DUTTON

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Pairing bygone imagery with surreal sentences, Steph Dutton, harnesses collage to dissect human behaviour in all its banality and eccentricity. Playful compositions show fragments of archival image anatomised with arrows; forming bizarre photo-montage narratives. Steph’s work may be synonymous with Nottingham post-punk band Do Nothing – their shared penchant for hilarity has established a long-lasting… Read more »

Ever heard of…..ANYA PHILLIPS?

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The second instalment in our series investigating overlooked or obscured figures in musical and subcultural history delves into the short and spectacular life of New York no-wave luminary Anya Phillips. Her name may not summon instant recognition – but if you’ve any interest in the music scene of 1970’s New York, you’ve surely witnessed Anya… Read more »

Punk Rock Cartoons’ David Worth on His Self-taught Artistic Journey and Being Featured in John Lydon’s Book

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Punk Rock Cartoons: The Prodigy – Firestarter Coming from Blackpool, England, illustrator David Worth (known as Punk Rock Cartoons) has been making a name for himself in the realm of punk and indie. A quirky wit and a passion for alternative music certainly gives David’s cartoon artwork vibrant soul and personality. Featuring a clean to… Read more »

The Modern Mullet – A New Era

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modern mullet

It has made a comeback. Yes, we’re talking about the mullet. Controversial and divisive; business in the front and party in the back kind of hairstyle. Rocked by 21st century pop stars, the modern mullet has made big wave and signals the beginning of a new era. Known for causing disruption yet revolutionising centuries one… Read more »

Jemima Bradley, AKA Mullet Babyy, discusses the revival of the mullet and her subculture influences

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Mullet Babyy

Pushing the boundaries of fashion and societal norms, the mullet is indisputably known as the most outrageous hairstyle to date. It is unruly, extreme and controversial. Despite/because of the attention-grabbing nature of the hairstyle, the mullet revival seems to be upon us. Creatives are reclaiming the shockingly wild hairstyle to be bold, unafraid and self-expressive…. Read more »


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It has been 22 years since the death of one of London’s most influential style icons and on his birthday we remember Leigh Bowery. In an era when originality tragically depleted in style and fashion Leigh Bowery erupted onto to the scene with the most imaginative cultural brilliance. His life was one filled with fantasy,… Read more »

MAD about the Hatter

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Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

Victoria Grant’s name is upon the lips of those in the highest, most glamorous circles, while her extraordinary hats sit upon their heads. Based in London, Grant has been designing hats for many a superstar generation across the world. As all eyes turned to our great city for London Fashion Week, Café Royal opened it’s… Read more »