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Nic and Vera Graziadei

Known for her established acting career, Vera Graziadei has more recently turned her attention towards her passion for directing. Her latest output being a short docudrama, titled nic_unextinct, which explores themes and contexts such as childhood trauma, and the effect of this upon a person’s adulthood, the communities that surround these people, and the underground… Read more »


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Blur’s ‘The Universal’

Known most notably for their large presence within the brit-pop scene of the 90s, Blur are Damon Albarn, Alex James, Graham Coxon, and Dave Rowntree. The band are known for the storytelling through their music that often comments on the class divide and socio-political narratives, and ‘The Universal’ was one to do exactly that. Opening… Read more »

Ever heard of….PLASTICS?

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Chica Sato & Toshio Nakanishi of The Plastics, 1980 - Underground blog

The latest instalment in our series investigating overlooked or obscured figures in musical and subcultural history explores Japanese New Wave band, Plastics. (The previous ‘Ever Heard of…’ about Zapple Records, an experimental label associated with The Beatles, can be read HERE). A clip from a concert filmed in December 1980 shows the Plastics in all… Read more »

Experiments in Sisterhood: The audio-visual universe of WATERBABY

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Waterbaby band photo

The Kilpatrick sisters are as enchantingly ethereal as their namesake sprite suggests, yet an ethos of hard graft lies beneath their imagery of rippling projections and flowing locks. Ever resourceful and ever inventive, the duo behind Waterbaby have been experimenting with electronic music and Fassbinder-inspired film since their 2016 self-released debut album ‘Pink Noise.’ From… Read more »

‘POLY STYRENE: I am a Cliché’, the film about a musical icon who was anything but

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Underground shoes Boots Clothes Accessories

“I wanna be instamatic. I wanna be a frozen pea” howls Poly Styrene on X-Ray Spex’s debut, and only, album released in 1978. Shriek-singing observations of commodity fetishism, germs and genetic engineering, over 40 years later and “the world is still playing catch-up with Poly Styrene”; as stated by Pauline Black in Poly Styrene: I… Read more »


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subculture movies

From Jubilee (1978) If you are stuck at home (future readers, please note this is the time of the Coronavirus epidemic), then make use of the time to catch up on some subculture with this array of films. We’ve curated a selection of some of the greatest subculture movies of all-time, here they are in… Read more »