Experiments in Sisterhood: The audio-visual universe of WATERBABY

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The Kilpatrick sisters are as enchantingly ethereal as their namesake sprite suggests, yet an ethos of hard graft lies beneath their imagery of rippling projections and flowing locks. Ever resourceful and ever inventive, the duo behind Waterbaby have been experimenting with electronic music and Fassbinder-inspired film since their 2016 self-released debut album ‘Pink Noise.’ From… Read more »

‘POLY STYRENE: I am a Cliché’, the film about a musical icon who was anything but

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“I wanna be instamatic. I wanna be a frozen pea” howls Poly Styrene on X-Ray Spex’s debut, and only, album released in 1978. Shriek-singing observations of commodity fetishism, germs and genetic engineering, over 40 years later and “the world is still playing catch-up with Poly Styrene”; as stated by Pauline Black in Poly Styrene: I… Read more »

Kidulthood Turns 10!

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A few words from Erin of our design team who was along at the screening</strong> Kidulthood turned 10 years old yesterday and to celebrate the first grime films anniversary, Complex held a screening and Q &amp; A at Everyman Theatre in Muswell Hill. The film was introduced by the director Menhaj Huda and the director… Read more »

Yangon Calling – Screening at ICA

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“There are no human rights in Myanmar!” is blasted into the microphone from the mouths of Myanmar’s youth, all dressed in leather and spiked up hair. This scene is shown in the teaser for ICA’s ‘Punx Not Dead’ screening of the award-winning 2014 documentary <em>Yangon Calling – Punk in Myanmar.</em> The documentary, directed by Berlin… Read more »


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It has almost been four decades since television play Our Day Out was shown on BBC2. Written by Willy Russell best known for works including Educating Rita and Blood Brothers, Our Day Out is a timeless classic about young Liverpudlian’s on a school trip to Conwy Castle, Wales. Broadcast in December 1976 the film focuses… Read more »