The poetry and possibility of SINEAD O’BRIEN

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The lilting, spoken songs of poet-performer Sinead O’Brien are meditative in both senses of the word. Simultaneously hypnotic and pensive, to listen to O’Brien’s musical offerings is to be immersed in her malleable vocabulary of Irish inflections and swelling instrumentation (courtesy of Julian Hanson and Oscar Robertson.) With a work ethic centred around fluctuation and… Read more »

Ever heard of…. SU TISSUE

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The first instalment in our series investigating overlooked or obscured figures in musical history examines the enigmatic Su Tissue of LA post-punkers Suburban Lawns. Often lamented as the pinnacle of post-punk amnesia; the incendiary absurdity of Suburban Lawns was all but neglected were it not for an enduring curiosity concerning the “disappearance” of Su Tissue,… Read more »

WALT DISCO share remix of their debut E.P. “Young Hard and Handsome”

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In the autumnal gloom of 2020, Scottish six-piece Walt Disco presented a longed-for EP of contemporary New Romanticism clad in celestial synths and brocade corsetry. A decadent debut, “Young Hard and Handsome” was a jubilant statement of intent in a four-song cadence of thunderous theatricals. Now, in the equally gloomy winter of 2021, Walt Disco… Read more »

CHAOS AND CONSUMERISM: The Red Stains on their latest single “Freezer Jesus”

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The Red Stains have only been a band for a year but they are leaving their mark more indelibly than their lipstick graffiti around Manchester’s bars. Their songs may have a Poly Styrene-like predilection with capitalism and artificiality (their song ‘Mannequin’ speaks of plastic and objectification.) Yet to categorise The Red Stains with a bygone… Read more »


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Indie rock royalty Sonic Youth have been the subject of DIY music culture for decades. In Stevie Chick’s captivating insight, utilising interviews with the band and the people closest to them, he recalls the creation of the band and its resilience throughout decades against mainstream culture. Former Melody Maker journalist and founder of Loose Lips… Read more »


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Since the 1960’s, the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna has traditionally been a city associated with counter-culture and progressive politics. It’s capital, the medieval city Bologna, is home of the oldest university in Europe and the region’s political activist history established Emilia-Romagna as the spiritual home of Italian student, feminist, anarchist and equality movements. Naturally then,… Read more »

Portals Festival in Review

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Portals Festival

PHOTO CREDS: Hana Laurie   Following what seemed to be London’s festival weekend, one of the festivals on offer was Portals Festival. Taking place at Tufnell Parks’ The Dome, the venue became a home for an intimate crowd of experimental rock enthusiasts and those of a curious disposition. For its second birthday, the event was… Read more »