WHITE FLOWERS’ haunting debut album

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White Flowers band image Underground music blog

Lilting between the eerie and the ethereal, White Flowers debut is an album for off-kilter dreaming and wandering at dusk. Following their stints as art students, Katie Drew and Joey Cobb returned to Preston, taking the capital’s psych influence with them. Welding cascading loops with petal-delicate vocals, the duo experimented with sonic equipment and visual… Read more »

The Story of Subculture: NORTHERN SOUL

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Underground blog the story of subculture northern soul

Northern Soul – was a youth movement about precisely that – MOVEMENT. Clapping, spinning, kicking, stomping, jumping, shuffling, sweating: Northern Soul operated as an irrepressible motion to a persistent beat. Functioning at over 100 beats per minute: keep on moving; don’t stop or you’ll drop. This is a subculture where the music, and the ebullient… Read more »

QLOWSKI on the creative community behind their debut album

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Just after recording their debut album, the world was plunged into uncertainty. Re-calibrating their artistic intent, dark “twee-punk” outfit Qlowski questioned the future and concluded that community was the only means through. The resulting LP, ‘Quale Futuro?’ is a manifesto of sorts, enveloped in baroque post-punk and a vocal dichotomy between band founders Mickey and… Read more »

Ever heard of…..ZAPPLE RECORDS?

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Zapple Records blog at Underground England Music Art Subculture

The next instalment in our series investigating overlooked or obscured figures in musical and subcultural history takes a look at Zapple Records, a short-lived label division which championed spoken word and experimental avant-garde sounds. (The previous edition of ‘Ever Heard of…’ about German post-punk, girl-group Malaria! can be read here) Type ‘Zapple Records’ into a… Read more »

Top 8 GOTH VENUES: The U.K.’s past and present most iconic goth clubs and venues

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Photo of revellers at The Banshee

Home to the original gothic novelists Horace Walpole, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker and later gothic rock spawning from punk in the late 1970s (for more info about goth check out our article on the story of the subculture here) the UK inevitably gave rise to a number of iconic Gothcentric venues . Here are… Read more »

Experiments in Sisterhood: The audio-visual universe of WATERBABY

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Waterbaby band photo

The Kilpatrick sisters are as enchantingly ethereal as their namesake sprite suggests, yet an ethos of hard graft lies beneath their imagery of rippling projections and flowing locks. Ever resourceful and ever inventive, the duo behind Waterbaby have been experimenting with electronic music and Fassbinder-inspired film since their 2016 self-released debut album ‘Pink Noise.’ From… Read more »

Bootlicking GROUP THERAPY’s 54-track-long Charity Compilation

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Group Therapy cover art

Bootlickers by name, Bootlickers by nature: Underground’s new radio show is all about applauding and advocating creativity; exciting, emerging and experimental. Established as a reaction to the pandemic’s crippling effects on health and creativity, Group Therapy sought to unite an incredible array of artists, giving space to musical endeavours (which rarely see the light of… Read more »