WEIRDO Zine Creator Naz Toorabally talks about South Asian Visibility

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Creator Naz Toorabally and contributors from the first issue of WEIRDO Zine (Photo Credit: Arhantika Rebello) While there is a lack of alternative South Asian visibility and acceptance across the mainstream media, South Asian people are also not widely represented in subcultures such as punk and goth. Created in response to this, WEIRDO Zine was… Read more »

Drug Store Romeos discuss their shimmery springtime dream pop and unconventional guilty pleasures

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Soaked in pure airy vocals and synth-laden grooves, Drug Store Romeos craft a blissfully layered sonic dreamscape that’s awash in beautiful pastels. Owing to its introspective minimalism, it is the kind of slow-dance music whose ethereal wave lazily calms your soul. In 2020, the London dream poppers have released two new lush singles – ‘Frame… Read more »

Punk Rock Cartoons’ David Worth on His Self-taught Artistic Journey and Being Featured in John Lydon’s Book

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Punk Rock Cartoons: The Prodigy – Firestarter Coming from Blackpool, England, illustrator David Worth (known as Punk Rock Cartoons) has been making a name for himself in the realm of punk and indie. A quirky wit and a passion for alternative music certainly gives David’s cartoon artwork vibrant soul and personality. Featuring a clean to… Read more »

The Seductive Sounds of Chaos: L.A. Witch share their love for the West Coast and their upcoming album Play with Fire

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Californian goth-grunge band L.A. Witch It’s overstuffed with churning guitars and garage noise; yet fuelled by an undercurrent of fuzzy bliss. We are talking about Los Angeles’ goth-grunge band L.A. Witch, who take us through the dark brooding tales of mischief and romance with their bewitching tunes. From vocalist Sade Sanchez’s sultry vocals to the… Read more »

A propulsive, synth-driven sonic exploration: Calva Louise on multi-media, graphic novels and their forthcoming EP POPURRÍ

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Calva Louise

Calva Louise (Photo Credit: Chris Driver) Deliciously snappy melodies with a loud bang, Calva Louise have introduced a heavy streak of blistering electro-pop-rock with their latest single ‘POP(urrí)’. Since their first EP Rhinoceros, the trio has established a pattern of high-octane anthems sung in half Spanish and half English, precisely combined to create a mildly… Read more »

Unapologetic and cheerfully obscene: PUSSYLIQUOR discuss female taboos and their ideal music festival line-up

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Pussyliquor (Xandru)

PUSSYLIQUOR (Photo Credit: Xandru Zahra) Known for crafting politically charged (and amusing) anthems, PUSSYLIQUOR’s music is a heartfelt nod to DIY punk and female empowerment. Their most recent release PUSSYLIQUOR. what of it. is a robust punk rock EP whose swagger and howling speak for itself. The first time you listen to its famed opener… Read more »

Maniacal and frenzied: Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons on punk aesthetic and their animal alter egos

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Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons2

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons (Photo Credit: Oliver Harrison) Driven by furious surf-punk riffs and uncontainable enthusiasm, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons certainly know how to blaze a trail and instigate a proper sweaty mosh fest. From their raucous live performance to frontwoman Puss Johnson’s cheeky feline persona, this is the kind of punk band… Read more »

Music video premiere + Q&A: The Mysterines discuss ‘I Win Every Time’ and being brought up on The Strokes

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Fierce and uncompromising, Liverpool’s rising stars The Mysterines have been attracting a great deal of attention since their debut EP Take Control released in 2019. The band’s rising profile is down to their impressively engaging live performance, as well as the fuzzy and visceral energy that they bring to the table. The indie rock duo… Read more »