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As an independent brand since 1981, we have the benefit of being able to select our own path and our own way of doing things.

We look on at a consumer society that worships the trend of the now that bring on mass production and ends with even the luxury design houses burning surplus stock.

We choose to have no part in that system, it is just not for us. With a core collection that can be traced back 40 years we avoid the wasteful resource of creating new full collections every 6 months, or even every 3 months. Our production is managed in sensible batch quantities in family-owned factories, including those here in the U.K., with high working standards and practices.

Our Custom-Made section allows our customers to select any one of the original designs, in a wide range of colour ways, materials and combinations, and have that style manufactured as a single Special Order. In an era when sustainability is the watchword, we see the custom-made service as the perfect way to help reduce the overload of mass production and waste.

As a brand we are dedicated to individuality and reject the concept of mass over production and the custom-made service is another way for us to demonstrate our adherence to those objectives. 

The Custom-Made Studio is our member only area that is open to our frequent customers. Members will enjoy a membership discount and access to the latest product, material and colour options.

We will send frequent customers an automatic membership, however if you feel we have not included you in the Membership List then send an email to

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