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Dream Nails: Local DIY feminist punk witches that tell spellbinding stories

Dream Nails consist of vocalist Janey Starling, guitarist Anya Pearson,
bassist Mimi Jasson and drummer Lucy Katz (Photo Credit: Laura Palmer)

It’s not an overstatement to say that 2019 was the year to raise awareness on gender fluidity and say goodbye to antiquated heteronormative construct. From Tyler, the Creator’s Igor that demonstrates unrequited love towards his closeted lover to Marika Hackman’s Any Human Friend that portrays queer female sexuality, the independent music scene is slowly but surely championing the LGBTQ+ community. Based in London, Dream Nails were founded when vocalist Janey Starling and guitarist Anya Pearson crossed path through feminist activism. 

Now as a full-fledged four piece, signed to Alcopop! Records, these spirited punk witches are a force of nature to be reckoned with. They know it in their heart that there is a new, positive way forward and that it’s time for the punk rock scene to be rid of its toxic masculinity. 

Dream Nails2 (Chloe Hashemi and Emily Barker)
Photo credit: Chloe Hashemi and Emily Barker

Featuring an eclectic collection of heart-wrenching dating stories as well as humorous encounters, their latest acoustic album Take Up Space! is vivacious and equally earnest. In ‘Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)’, they confront our unhealthy (and pathetic) texting habits – “First it was a kiss and now it’s two blue ticks, two blue ticks!” – which is a moment that we all not-so-proudly resonate with. In ‘Deep Heat’, the band roasts Donald Trump ahead of the U.S. election by relentlessly reiterating: “Nobody cares that your [Trump’s] dick is on fire”.  In ‘Cookies 4 U’, the ladies ridicule oblivious male feminist allies who only fumble around and can’t walk the walk. Nevertheless, the songs aren’t executed in a way that comes across as condescending but rather amusing, comical and leaving us with a chuckle.

To Dream Nails, music is a form of protest that goes beyond chanting and tweeting. It’s to pave the way to diversity and female sexual freedom. The four ladies came together with a passion for music and a mission to raise awareness of non-binary identities and intersectional feminism. With their propulsive guitar chords, incredible vocal harmony and spellbinding storytelling, Dream Nails obviously have a lot more to offer. Their self-titled debut album will be released through Alcopop! Records on 3 April. And they shall continue to lighten up the male-dominated punk rock scene with bring their raw, fierce and powerful vibe.

Dream Nails will be playing at Oslo Hackney, London on 23 April.

Photo credit: Ant Adams
Photo credit: Chloe Hashemi and Emily Barker

Learn more about Dream Nails here and follow Dream Nails on Facebook.

You can pick up a copy of Dream Nail’s awesome debut album HERE

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