Underground is never afraid to experiment or to venture beyond boundaries. Ceaselessly championing subcultures, outcasts and outsiders since 1981, we are certain that there is a place for Underground in the virtual world. 

It was only fitting for Underground to make its mark during the Platinum Jubilee – considering the punk explosion of 1977, surrounding the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Collaborating with ETH LDN, To and Partners and Blocktunes, we took our first steps into the virtual world at the newly formed Crypto Club Soho (formerly Blacks Members Club) to launch our first NFT. Attendees were offered a free POAP that gives those, lucky enough to obtain one, access to our upcoming NFT launches.

We shared the space with a community of people well vested, and new alike, to the growing virtual world. From creatives to innovators, Crypto Club provided a space for movers and shakers to explore new frontiers and join Underground on our journey to break new ground in the virtual space.

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