Underground Soundwave is our music project that pays homage to the brand’s music influence past, present and future. Since the time of its inception, Underground has always been inspired by music, it has been a big part of what we do and say. Our live music nights are curated under the banner of NEVER KNOWN. The underground is Never Known. Once the underground has become known, it is no longer underground and something new must take its place. Never Known is Underground’s fascination with the ever-altering underground. The Never Known Music Nights are an extension of this and are a platform for new and exciting talent to be showcased through an authentic gig night. Being curated by Storm ST. Claire, each live music night is inspired by subculture, with NK006 being inspired by punk. Each artist embodied this in their own way whether through music or spirit. NK006 featured A VOID, Leoni and The Spaceship, and Charles and The Big Boys, hosted at Jaguar Shoes/Dreambags in Shoreditch. For our full review of the Never Known music night, read our blog post HERE.


Fronted by Leoni, and the Spaceship combine punk rock with a 2000s grunge/rock influence to create an electrifying soundscape, something that is complimented by their energetic stage presence. Accompanieby Archie on drums, George on co-vocals and guitar, and Sam on bass, the band have played a slew of shows around the UK, making their stamp within the underground UK scene. 


Formerly Charlie Raphael-Campbell, before joining their indie-rock DIY band, And the Big Boys, the indierock quartet create indie/grunge music, heavily inspired by the punk and Riot Grrrl movement. Despite their bouncy indie tracks, the band carry a punk mindset, using their music and aesthetic to question the gendered stereotypes that plague the music scene.  


Hailing from Paris and London, A VOID are made up of Camille Alexander on vocals and lead guitar, Marie Niemiec on drums and backing vocals, and Aaron Harmann on bass. The band are known for their hectic punk-inspired shows and progressive grunge musicwith Camille holding a striking presence on stage, something they brought to NK006.  

Check out the NK006 Live Music Event Video on Underground Youtube channel Soundwave playlist.

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