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The Garage Radio Show – The Independent Radio Show That Delivers Fresh Artists To Your Door

Margaritas Podridas

The Garage Radio Show – The Independent Radio Show That Delivers Fresh Artists To Your Door.

We sit down with Milk, founder of The Garage Radio show that has earned a reputation for promoting new and emerging artists at the forefront of punk, post punk, indie and alternative music.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I grew up in Northampton in the UK, and although my whole family is English, I was actually born in Australia, so I hold dual Australian/British nationality. I started djing when I was about 15 years old playing punk and indie tracks at the local youth club, then progressed into playing bass and ultimately vocals in a series of local Northampton alternative bands; We  played a few decent venues in Northampton and London for a while; we thought we were going to be stars, the industry had other ideas

Who were the bands that you grew up listening to?

The list is endless as I grew up in a family that had a deep connection with music, but Siouxsie and the Banshees, Tubeway Army/Gary Numan, Joy Division, The Cure, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Crass, The Chameleons, Gang of Four , The Smiths, The Sisters /Mission, Pixies, New Model Army, Southern Death Cult, Dead Kennedys to name a few…

The Garage was a product of the lockdown in 2020. Was it already a project in the making with the lockdown lighting the touch paper?

The Garage in its current format was definitely a product of lockdown. Prior to that it was being presented by a legend of Australian Radio, Ange Kent. I guested on Ange’s show a few times during lockdown to help share the load as due to Covid restrictions we had to record the shows away from the radio station. I ultimately took over the show completely in June 2020 as Ange moved to a drive time afternoon slot. 

The show started in Australia. How does that local scene look from 2020 to now?

The local scene is strong with a number of new bands emerging around lockdown. The Maggie Pills, Private Wives, Dust, Pvcker Up, Downgirl (previously Boysclub) Chimers, Clamm to name a few of my current favs. Plus, local Byron Bay legends Mini Skirt, who have just come off the back of a UK & EU Tour. 

You have relocated to Portugal. How is the scene there?

I have been settled here approximately six months and attended a few festivals and gigs during that time and the scene looks healthily and diverse! Now I have a base to work and record from, I look forward to discovering more of the Portuguese scene and uncovering some new gems to share!


You are the anchor DJ at the Post Punk Strikes Back Festival in Porto later this year. Tell us about that festival.

This year will be the fifth Post Punk Strikes Back Festival having originally started in 2017, (with the inevitable break and disruption due to Covid) with many amazing bands that have previously headlined.

This year the festival is once again over two days, December 1st, and 2nd, and as of today the following bands are confirmed to play:  THE CHAMELEONS, NEW MODEL ARMY, DITZ, GRANDMAS HOUSE, JE T´AIME, SCATTERED ASHES, BAUDELAIRE, MERYL STREEK, TALK SHOW, SO DEAD, STRUCTURES & OUM SHATT 


It’s at the Hard Club in Porto. Our founder was in Porto recently and enthusiastic about the club and venue. It’s quite Iconic?

It is an amazing and definitely iconic live music venue. Fantastic sound quality and program that covers all kinds of music and being an old market just adds to the charm of the place. 

The Garage is aired on Byron Bay FM 99.9, Australia, Psyched! Radio San Francisco and La Bestia Radio Mexico City. You have plans to widen the broadcast- where else can we expect to hear it?

As well as the stations you mention above, The Garage has just gone live on Islington Radio, London, and we are in discussions for a roll out on a Portuguese radio station, and a presence on the East Coast of the US (in addition to our existing West Coast presence) We only open dialogue with stations that allow full and unrestricted music control. 

I know that you will have a lengthy list of artists to mention but give us the names of a few of those to listen out for and why?

First up, Enola Gay: noise-punk, uncompromising and good politics. I started The Garage just as they were emerging, and I have interviewed them a few times along the way. I flew into Lisbon from Australia to see them live at the Super Bock Em Stock Festival. We shared a few drinks after, and we have had a decent relationship ever since.

Other bands that I really admire are: Lambrini Girls, Chalk, Legss, Benefits, CLT DRP, Tokky Horror, A Void, Pengshui, John, Destroy Boys, Heavy Lungs, DITZ, and The Pleasure Dome, plus Fräulein, GENN, Feral Family, The Youth Play. The Mexican music scene is on fire at the moment and Vondré, Margaritas Podridas and Muérete Tù are all fantastic and worth checking out. As are Die Spitz, The Pinky Rings from Austin Texas and Dip, Dust, Pvcker Up, Private Wives and The Maggie Pills from Australia.

Finally, with your vast experience of punk, post punk, indie and alternative, what are the tracks that you would put on your top ten playlist?

Too many to mention, and I will take the liberty of stretching the question a little to include a couple of EP’s and albums, but as the show is about new and emerging music, my top tracks for 2023 would be: (in no particular order and apologises to anyone I haven’t mentioned!)

Lambrini Girls – ‘Your Welcome’ EP, an unbelievable debut EP, every track fantastic.

Malvina – ‘Brat’ debut release on Pop Noire

Legss – ‘Fester’ EP

The Psychotic Monks – ‘Post-Post-‘ is a fantastic track from their 2023 Pink Color Surgery Album,

Mhaol – ‘Period Sex’ from their debut album Attachment Styles

Dust – ‘Joy (Guilt)’ from their debut album ‘et cetera, etc.’ 

Sulk – ‘Give it a Squeeze (Everybody Loves Me)’ their debut single 

Chalk – ‘Conditions’ – from their debut EP ‘Conditions’

Enola Gay – ‘Leeches’ – enough said…

Tokky Horror – ‘Maxine’ feat. Blazer Boccle from their debut EP ‘Kappacore’

Benefits – ‘Nails’ – debut album

cowboyy – ‘Nothing’ from their debut EP Epic ‘The Movie’

You can find out more about The Garage Radio Show here:




The Garage Radio Show

Punk | Post-Punk | Indies | Alt

BayFM99.9  Byron Bay Australia 

Psyched! Radio San Francisco

La Bestia Radio Mexico City 

Islington Radio London


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Margaritas Podridas

The Maggie Pills



A Void

Tokky Horror




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