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Local punk sensation Glossii said goodbye to fans at their farewell show


Picked as one of the most essential new artists for 2020 by NME, South Londoners Glossii are an explosive burst of raw energy. Think Death Valley Girls meet Wolf Alice. Having only released a few singles, Glossii have already made a name for themselves. Still, all good things come to an end. Hard decision has been made and the members of Glossii decided to part ways to work on different projects, leading to an indefinite hiatus of the band.


Held at the New Cross Inn – a classic live music pub on New Cross Road where you can always scout out new alternative bands or enjoy an open mic night – Glossii’s farewell show featured a wide range of local punk and indie bands. From punk kids with a full-on mullet to indie kids in their denim dungarees, everyone was pumped to come see Glossii one final time.

Prior to Glossii’s one last performance, was the high-spirited Forrest Flowers. Set to fight systemic issues like bigotry, classism and immigration, the genre-bending DIY punk band combined fierce vocals and wild basslines with a punk-influenced aesthetic to deliver a captivating performance. The energy was palpable, and everyone had been warmed up to see Glossii.

Glossii 3

When Glossii came on stage, the pub was already fully packed. Frontwoman Sofia Zanghirella charmed us with her powerhouse vocals – and the crowd was all riled up, with some naughty ones inviting themselves to do stage diving. ‘Watching Me’ is perhaps one of the best tracks to hear live for it is exceptionally fierce and performance driven. Glossii drove everyone mad, not to mention their performance was shaking the ceiling above us. At the end of the night, there were heavy mosh pits, crowd surfing (but also some tearing up and sentimental goodbyes).


It was an electrifying punk meets indie concert with high dose of energy and moshing; as well as a manifestation of subcultures like 90s Britpop and DIY punk all wrapped up in the Trash Glam storm of Glossii. Where else would you be able to catch these exceptional mullets, leather jackets, tartan skirts and Cuban heels? With all kinds of British subculture under this one roof in the heart of London, it was one of the most remarkable and intimate gigs we could ever ask for.

It’s hard to say goodbye to such a spirit quartet but we’re looking forward to seeing their future musical projects come to fruition. Last but not least, Sofia has spoken to us about going solo and incorporating more pop and R&B elements in her upcoming projects; while guitarist Lewis Smith is playing with his other band Walt Disco – if you’re into post-punk and a lot of synth, that’s where you need to look. If you want to find out what everyone will be doing after Glossii, stay tuned, as we definitely wouldn’t miss it.

Check out our photo campaign at The Blue Posts pub with Sofia Zanghirella here

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