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A career that has spanned six decades, Iggy Pop is one of the great music innovators of our time.

He is one of those artists with a vision and authenticity that ensures relevance in every decade and an appeal that is universal across the generations. The first artist to stage dive, timeless tracks such as “The Passenger “ , “ Lust for Life “ and “ Search and Destroy “ and an almost endless list of collaborations including those with the late David Bowie (China Girl ) , Guns and Roses and Debbie Harry , have made Iggy into a legend.

The list of bands that credit Iggy as being a musical influence is too long for this blog post but lets just start with Joy Division, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White and R.E.M for now.

Happy Birthday to one of the founding fathers of Punk.

Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories
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