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How to Style Original Steel Cap Boots

The Original Steel Cap  Boots from Underground are built around a steel cap that is either concealed under the cap or exposed as an external steel cap. The leather or vegan friendly uppers are built onto a rubber commando tread sole.They are batch made and allgender.


With its origins in the foundries, factories, and military parade grounds an article on how to style your steel cap boots would have been unexpected and of little use in mid-20th century when that style was produced in the millions.

With our roots in subculture the Re-appropriation and reapplication of both the ordinary and the extraordinary is nothing new to us. An article that suggests how those boots with such a strong identity may be repurposed is a joy to write and share.

Here are some ideas but don’t be bound by them. There are no rules when it comes to steel cap boot styling.


For a start they will get you through mud and muck to watch your idols on stage in a distant field. In the tighter confines of a music venue or arena your boots will give you protection from the screaming masses, but tread carefully as others might not have the same level of protection. Your boots are armour in the face of the rages of live music.



The juxtaposition between dress and steel cap boot is repurposed styling at its finest. From the floral dress that evokes a grunge teen spirit to a colour blocked woollen knit through to a white bridal cast off from Miss Haversham. The pairing of boots and dress is the ultimate statement of irreverence and independence.




Steel cap boots share with denim a lineage that can be traced back to workwear. Hard wearing, utilitarian and functional they we’re both adopted by style tribes that sought an affordable way to break out of the fashion constricts of their parents.

Skinny or slim denim for a “Bovver look “, wider let with a turn up for the Biker look or dungarees for an authentic splash of Americana.

Denim jackets or short skirts also match up with their utilitarian look.


The combination of short skirt and long boot is timeless. From the Gogo boot look of the 1960’s onward the short skirt gives an extra sense of feminine power to and when paired with the Original Underground Steel Caps this combination creates an authentically fearless look, whether paired with tights, long socks, or alone.


Patent Leather boots or the “Divine “boot with red crucifix are statement Goth styles. Together with the classic 14 and 20 eyelet boots they can be paired up with lace, patent, or tight leg black denim. Leather corsets, ruffled skirts or flowing velvet long skirts or dresses all work together with the high leg steel cap boots.


We have already alluded to a “punk look “in suggesting tartan but look beyond that to an outfit of the ripped and torn hand painted t shirt, mohair jumpers, vintage leather jackets, patched up anything and bags of attitude. The steel cap boots with their irreverence to the “norm “and their disdain of the ordinary are a punk statement piece.


An alternative to the dress, long skirts whether they are a line skirt, pleated skirt, or a straight skirt are an easy to wear partner for the steel cap boots. Though the higher leg boots might be partially obscure by the skirt the unmistakable profile of the steel cap is evidence enough to the observer that the boot is there. For the wearer the long skirt and long boot combine to give warmth and protection on cold days.


From the post Second World War days of surplus leather jackets that shielded the bikers and later found their way into the gay scene and BDSM community with a look that combines authority and rebellion.

Team up your boots with leather jackets, leather mini skirt or a leather harness and give yourself some authority. And for a contemporary take there are vegan friendly options that will compliment your leather look apparel


With the Underground Steel Cap boot being inspired by, amongst other subcultures, the punk movement of the late 70s, it is the obvious choice when being paired with a tartan-infused outfit. Tartan skirts, bondage pants, jackets or even ties turn the punk dial to maximum when worn with the steel cap boot.


Whether it be an all-black outfit, or with white to contrast, a monochrome outfit is an Underground essential. The boots already transmit a utilitarian signal and that is all the clearer in their box black leather form. Clean cut and understated the boots can be worn with tailored outfits, black jersey, or black denim.




Underground’s approach to authenticity is one that nurtures the mantra that the most important factor in fashion is expressing oneself unequivocally. Don’t be afraid to be daring, exciting, or bold with the styling of the Original Steel Cap. Having an endless array of styling techniques, our boots allow you to be both creative and diverse in your choice of clothing.

Brought to you by Underground- the brand of the Original Allgender Creeper and other British Subculture styles

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