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Independent Label Market

Independent Label Market - Underground England blog

In the digital age it is more important than ever to treasure the music we can physically hold in our hands. Whether or not you agree that vinyl has a better sound than digital, there is no denying the charm of a vinyl record. We find some joy in dropping the needle onto a newly sourced album and hovering over the turntable waiting for the needle to hit the first groove. The slight chore of having to go flip the album for side two is outweighed by the ability we have to proudly display our collections at home.

There is a company who understand the pleasure of records and the important social aspect that they have bought for so many years. Independent Label Market work with a huge number of independent record labels to help them bring their music to the world through the use of a market. Translating a record market into a language which can be understood by the youth of today (not just the nostalgia hunters and collectors) is a rather large task but with a burning passion for the independent music industry, Independent Label Market are succeeding in bringing music to streets across the globe. The Market however is not just a place to buy records, it is a place to chat with likeminded people whether they be students or industry professionals. Think of it like a street party, set to celebrate the importance of independent music.

Independent Label Market - Underground England blog

Independent Label Market have held markets in Barcelona, London, Rome, Paris, Bristol, Berlin, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Toronto and Brooklyn. With an ever growing list of locations that the market is planning it hit, now is a better time than ever to start following the market so you don’t miss the next event in your city! Supporting the independent music scene is the only way to ensure that we continue to have one! We caught up with Joe Daniel, Independent Label Market’s Co-Founder for a chat about the importance of Independent Label Market and what the market has planned for the future.

Q&A with Joe Daniel- Co-founder, Independent Label Market

How did it all start? What were the aims and inspirations of Independent Label Market from the very beginning?

The market started after an unexpectedly enjoyable evening spent at a gig running a mercy stand for one of the bands on my old record label. The idea was to have an event which was like a farmer’s market for record labels, where the people who run the label sell the records directly to the punters at a market stall and can talk to them with as much knowledge of the products as anyone could possibly have. Like when you buy the fancy apple juice from the person who actually made it.

What is the importance of Independent Label Market to the music scene in this more digital world?

I’m not sure how important it is but I think communing at a market and discovering music by socialising with other music enthusiasts is a nice counterpoint to the digital experience of playlists and algorithms, which are also great for discovering new stuff but tend to be quite a solitary experience.

From 2011 to 2017 you’ve worked with over 250 of the World’s greatest independent record labels, and held markets all over the UK then broke through internationally, hosting in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, NY, LA, Rome. What are your thoughts and observation of the label markets the UK and internationally?

Music and markets have been around a long time so it does seem to be a concept that works in lots of different places. It’s great that it seems to have caught on and it’s really nice to visit each market and discover new labels and new music.

Independent Label Market - Underground England blog

How do you select the artists and labels to work with? Are there any particular new genres coming through or old genres reviving?

The market is open to all so we try and accommodate anyone who wants to take part. There is always a great mix of different genres, anything from Thai folk to Russian doomcore.

How is AIM UK supporting you?

We have a partnership in the UK which enables AIM members to take part in the market at a discounted rate.

Independent Label Market - Underground England blog

Underground is passionate about live music, supporting music venues and the vinyl trade. We are not nostalgic but know that those are all vital for the music (independent music) world. What are your thoughts on that?

Live music, venues and vinyl are in our DNA and intrinsic to people’s experience of music. It’s a terrible shame that so many venues in London and the UK have closed but there’s hope in all the great music being made and those who seek to offer platforms for it to be performed. Hopefully Sadiq Khan and the night czar will help redress things when it comes to venues. There are exciting DIY venues popping up in London and to quote Jurassic Park, nature will find a way.

Independent Label Market - Underground England blog

Returning to Old Spitalfields Market, what is new and different to expect this time from the last?

We’ve got an excellent line-up for this event, excited about Bjork VR headsets over at the One Little Indian stall, rare Theo Parrish stuff from Peacefrog and CHVRCHES label Goodbye Records are pitching up for the first time. The vibe at the event is always great and the combination of beer and records always seems to be a winner!

What else have you got planned for this year?

Lots more markets! We’ve just one our second event in Barcelona and it looks like we’ll be hosting another Spanish market in Madrid later this year. We’ll also be returning to Bristol, Paris, Berlin, and Rome along with several other events in London. Exciting times!

Final question: Your best Album Cover of all time?

Too difficult to choose! I recently got into Monster Movie by Can which I’d never really heard before, I’d always listened to the later stuff. The cover is an airbrushed Tron type robot emerging from the clouds, and it looks like he’s wielding an old paint airbrush like the ones I used to use at school.

Independent Label Market - Underground England blog

Independent Label Market is at Old Spitalfields Market this weekend. Check their website for more details.

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