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Kid Kapichi got sweaty and dirty at their sold-out show at Moth Club

kid kapichi

Kid Kapichi (Photo Credit: Belinda Enthoven Photography)

Hailing from Hastings, the Hedonistic rockers Kid Kapichi have long been one of our favourites in the UK. From their 2018 EP Lucozade Dreams to 2019’s Sugar Tax, the noisy quartet has been showering us with riff-filled and adrenaline-drenched jams. The band is not afraid to write songs that comment on political issues and traditionally authoritative voices. Their sound is a howl of rage and distrust, yet it keeps us alive and level-headed.

Walking into the renowned Moth Club in Hackney, London, a venue where there are punk and indie shows every week, we knew Kid Kapichi were going to be a brilliantly chaotic experience. They definitely weren’t just for show. Down-to-earth and laid-back in person, the lads promise to always go into a frenzy on stage like hungry wolves.

The band that kicked then night off was the garage-esque outfit Projector, who rocked the stage with enchanting vocals and raging sounds. It was followed by the high-voltage post-punk group GURU, whose frontman Tommy’s eccentric dance moves and brash vocals have completely won us over. It was no doubt that GURU delivered an impressively scorching set. The crowd was properly warmed up and awaiting the main act – Kid Kapichi.

Photo Credit: Belinda Enthoven Photography

Right before Kid Kapichi came on stage, British comedian Steve Furst did a whimsical speech to welcome the band. And of course, opening with their latest single ‘Thugs’, vocalist Jack Wilson showed up with their signature ski mask on stage. “They call us thugs. Every time we cause a fuss, they call us thugs. Every time we kick up dust, they call us thugs.” With Jack’s powerful and forbidding vocals, Kid Kapichi immediately incited the beginning of a mosh, creating an instant crowd of blood-thirsty moshing fanatics.

Kid Kapichi played some of our favourite tracks including ‘2019’, ‘Sardines’ and ‘Jack Jones’ (one of the best from Lucozade Dreams); while ‘Glitterati’ who won the popular vote imploded in break-neck guitar playing. The Moth Club Moshers embraced their inner grunge and went crowd surfing as well as screaming their heart out, despite inevitably hitting their heads on the ceiling.

The stage presence was unparalleled and we found ourselves pushing back against the encroaching mosh. After all, it wouldn’t be a real punk rock show unless everyone was drenched in sweat and beer, right?

Photo credit: Belinda Enthoven Photography

Ending their performance with the classic ‘Death Dip’, it was a full-on episode. From beginning to end, Kid Kapichi satisfied every single cell of ours.

The proud Hastings quartet announced that they will be releasing their long-anticipated debut later this year. Just one year ago, they were playing small venues with few listeners; and now they’re a thriving punk rock band, surrounded by dedicated fans, and set for bigger stages. We shall be waiting for their return at Scala this October – as we’re ready to get dirty and sweaty again with Kid Kapichi.

Find out more about Kid Kapichi and follow Kid Kapichi on Facebook here

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