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Kidulthood Turns 10!

Kidulthood Turns 10! - UNDERGROUND ENGLANDies

A few words from Erin of our design team who was along at the screening:

Kidulthood turned 10 years old yesterday and to celebrate the first grime films anniversary, Complex held a screening and Q & A at Everyman Theatre in Muswell Hill.

The film was introduced by the director Menhaj Huda and the director and complex representative thanked us for coming, ‘It’s nice to know 10 years later people still care.’

The film begins in a hostile school environment, the main characters are introduced and their roles outlined. After the suicide of a shy classmate, we follow a group of 15 or so year olds for 24 hours as they face the daily struggles of being a teenager in the inner city. West London from their eyes isn’t as attractive as it was so often made out to be and the teenagers casually face drugs, sex and violence. The film ends and the room has a nostalgic air of sadness, the main character is dead, and his pregnant girlfriend left alone. The director and actors who play Mooney and Trevor’s terrifying uncle take a seat in front of the small crowd and introduce themselves.

Questions about filming and casting are asked as well as enquiries into the production being labeled a ‘Grime’ film, despite having no mention of music or recording by the characters. Menhaj proudly claims the soundtrack, consisting of only UK Grime artists, was solely his influence and that he handpicked every song.

Kidulthood Turns 10! - UNDERGROUND ENGLAND
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