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LUCIA & THE BEST BOYS’ strength in vulnerability

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From solo performer to band of Best Boys, Lucia and co have come a long way since the 2017 EP ‘Best Boy.’ Their latest visualisation of single ‘Forever Forget’ (directed by Rianne White) is testament to this metamorphosis; an other-worldly depiction of lyrical vulnerability, Lucia is bejewelled in a realm of inky black science-fiction amongst pounding synths and vocals of heartbreak. As the band release their next remix with female and femme artists, we caught up with Lucia about what they have in store for 2021.

What is the state of things for Lucia and the Best Boys at this given moment?

Very good, all things considered! Being as creative as I possibly can be during the last year has been an outlet for me to put all my roller-coaster emotions into something satisfying. Apart from the pandemic, there’s been little to experience over the last year (at least not the things that I usually write about) so I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and finding new ways to write; I can’t wait to share that. I was a little nervous about ‘The State of Things’ coming out in a time when we couldn’t push it to our fullest potential, I feel really confident with the outcome, and feel like we are now only at the beginning of everything.

You’ve recently released a sublime music video for ‘Forever Forget’; it’s so ethereal and slightly menacing, when writing a song do you already have an idea of the accompanying visuals?

Yes, I always have imagery in my head either whilst writing the song or very soon after. The idea was to create an other-worldly, head-trapped space, with the choreography enhancing that. Myself, Rianne and Furmaan worked on ‘Perfectly Untrue’ together too, and there was such instant magic, all my ideas being brought to life through the eye of Furmaan, whilst Rianne took my ideas and put her on twist on them: the videos would not be what they are without the creative team I was lucky to have around me.

Whilst we’re on the subject of image-making, you have a very striking and succinct aesthetic. Would you say that’s an important aspect of Lucia and the Best Boys?

I’ve always really loved the idea of creating characters for songs. I think as time goes on, I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel like I need to be perceived in a certain way so I’m just enjoying doing and dressing however I want. The boys are so effortlessly cool inside and out and I think being surrounded by them just being themselves helps me too!

Underground Shoes Boots Clothes Accessories
Photos: Neelam Khan Vela

You’ve said that your most recent releases have had very honest and clear lyrics, do you think you’ll continue in this manner?

I’ve never gone to write a song thinking “I want this to be direct”, it’s just the way it always ends up being. I’m glad of that because I like being able to relate to songs easily. The most recent releases were definitely more personal so it was challenging in the sense that when I was writing them, I was hearing these thoughts in my head for the first time and I was addressing suppressed emotions.

You’ve some remixes coming out with Chlobocop, Girli & July Jones, how did these come about?

I’ve always really wanted to collaborate with other artists more, and I thought it was important for me to practice what I preach about women/ non-binary/ femme artists always being pushed to the back in not only this industry but probably in most. This remix EP is a celebration of a select few women and non-binary contemporary artists who I admire and who I think don’t get enough credit. I really wanted to make this remix EP diverse in terms of sound and style; to show how unique each artist is, that they stand together but also stand out from each other.

If you could remix any song, what would it be and what would you make it sound like?

‘I Can’t Wait’ by Stevie Nicks, but it would sound like it came from the ethereal land of the ‘Forever Forget’ video.

Is there anything you’ve seen/listened to/read/watched that you’ve found to be an inspiration at the moment?

I watched Pam Hogg’s Ted Talk and now I love her more.

You’re off on tour with Dream Wife in 2022 but until then, what can we expect from Lucia & The Best Boys?

Hopefully we’ll get to play more before March 2022, but apart from shows, we have lots up our sleeve. I probably say this every time but I think it’ll be the most honest yet, and will be poured into the world as it begins to open up again!

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