Made in the UK
Made in the UK – in our pursuit to proudly propagate Britain’s rebellious style heritage, we have turned up the dial on our responsibility.
For 40 years we have tapped into the riches and sounds of British subculture; it is our responsibility to give back to sustain it. 


The Made in the UK collection champions this country’s quality craftspeople and their long legacy of proven manufacturing. Made in the UK sees us collaborate with skilled experts, leaders of their field, to help them preserve generations of innovative artistry and ingenuity. These specific skills can only be retained through fruitful continuous employment producing footwear using the techniques that have been developed and perfected in local factories. 

In a world where fashion faces-off with the environment, Made in the UK creates sustainability, avoids senseless overproduction and cuts the carbon footprint. With flexibility in manufacturing, shorter production runs are possible with reduced lead times.  

Made in the UK also supports the material and components industry. The soles are produced in the UK as are many of the other components. Leathers are produced in the UK and in Italy and the authentic Tartan is, of course, locally produced. 

It supports local family-owned manufacturing and provides a fruitful economy for Britain’s creative underground to thrive. 

Why does Made in the U.K. matter to Underground?

As a brand that propagates the rebellious style heritage and subcultures of the U.K it can only be expected that a good proportion of our products are made within the U.K. In some cases, the skills and manufacturing base no longer exist to produce some of our products, but where they do, we strive to offer a Made in the U.K. option. 

It produces Original products with a Punk spirit, traceable to its very roots. Provenance is a word that is used or even mis-used in supporting the authenticity of a brand. Here we are staying true to the very meaning of Provenance with the shoes being produced close to the place in which they were raised.  

It matters to our customers. From the surveys and customer feedback, Made in the U.K. is consistently one of the most desirable qualities of our product and brand. The customers respect the provenance as well as the support that it gives for sustainable manufacture. 

Where are they made in the U.K. ?

Good working conditions and a fair wage help to produce an excellent quality product that is made in family-owned and managed factories across the country. Made in the UK footwear itself is produced in factories situated in the traditional shoe manufacturing centers of the Midlands and north of England and the materials and components suppliers from across the UK.

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